Villa Milenovic

Rajac, Serbianvillage, situated on the road between Zajecar and Negotin. From Zajecar is 50, and 25 kilometers from Negotin....

City: Negotin

Country: Serbia

Easiest and most recommended road to Rajac and Rajacke pivnice is to come across Negotin, where you have about a half hour drive. In that case, go through the following villages: Kobisnica, Veljkovo and near Rogljevo. The next village is famous Rajac. Along the way, note the 6 rail crossing.

More and more people from our country and from abroad come to this village because of the famous Rajac wine cellars (Rajacke pivnice - the local term). Red and white wine,from the barrels of these stone cellar,come with a unique taste, aroma and color.

Due to the exceptional quality - miraculous powers and healing properties are prescribed to this wine (of course, if consumed in small quantities). On the hill above the village, where are the wine cellars,are unique old graves, whose monuments are built of sand stone. This is the same stone from which they built wine cellars.

Hosts, Zoran and Emina Milenovic,have two houses with many ethnic antiques from all over Timok Region. Besides the house,there is a unique ethnic dining room with kitchen and fireplace.

Milenovic villa offers:
•Sleeping with national breakfast.Guests have access to 4 bedrooms (1 with 4 beds, 1 with 3 beds and 2 with 1 bed) with 9 beds and a one bathroom.
• table tennis table
• tour around the village,wine cellars and ancient monuments (guests can be driven by tractor)
• buying and tasting red and white wines, as well as homemade brandy
• buying souvenirs

In the spring and summer months, guests can enjoy a courtyard with benches, tables and chairs for enjoying a cup of coffee and natural spring water from the nearby natural well.

Zoran Milenovic
Phone : +38164-39-81-604
Site :

Email :

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