Danube Competence Center

Danube Competence Center

Danube Competence Center


TheDanube Competence Center (DCC) is an association of members from the public, private and non-government sector, which actively promote the Danube as one single tourism brand. It was registered as an NGO in Serbia in April 2010 and it gathers active members from tourism organizations, tourism busines umbrellas, city councils, private service privders, NGOs, etc. DCC is currently fastest growing organization in the tourism development and promotion of the Danube.


By investing in people and skills, enhancing transnational cooperation and promoting mutual interests, DCC

works to link the tourism stakeholders from the Danube region and strengthen their cooperation.

Through relevant projects, it contributes the development of sustainable tourism offers and establishes new quality standards for tourism services.


Although the Danube has always been an important segment of their national identity, ten Danube countries - Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine, had different approaches to the Danube tourism potentials and development. In some parts of the Danube region, tourism is fully developed, while in others it is not the case. DCC therefore contributes to the integration of interests, projects and activities in the field of tourism, with the accent on the Middle and Lower Danube.

Furthermore, some of these countries were sometimes the subjects of political conflicts, even wars, with poor contacts and cooperation. One of the most important missions of DCC is enhancing the cross border cooperation and promoting mutual interests.


DCC has the unique position to engage with decision makers from different levels and different countries, as well as to integrate the interest of national governments, to seek their support. It has exceptional working relation with the majority of the relevant ministries in the Danube region.

On the other hand, since DCC focus on the groundwork, it also has the access to the various network of tourism business and promotion organizations along the Danube. That includes travel agencies, journalists, media outlets and other key players on the market.

LINK: www.danubecc.org


Čika Ljubina 8/I
11000 Belgrade, Serbia


Phone:+381 (0)11 6557-116

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