Hiking along the Danube gives the unique opportunity to discover not only landscapes that change from region to region, but also a variety of ethnicities and traditions.


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Hiking offers vary from one day trips, to cross border guided hiking tours, and can be also combined with other activities, such as biking or bird watching. From the wooded mountain range of the Black Forest, Alpine Foothils andPannonian basin, to the craggy gorge of the Iron Gate and Danube Plain - different hiking trails are established for different types of hikers.

The most important hiking trail in Germany is "Hiking without luggage along the Danube", from Donaueschingen to Passau.

In Austria, Donausteig trail in Upper Austria, from Passau to Grein, offers - next to its main route - 40 loop tours for getting connected to the surroundings of the Danube region.

Slovakian Long Hiking Trail E8 passes Bratislava and goes along 750 km.

In Hungary, part of E4, called the Blue Tour, leads from Keszethely on Lake Balaton to Artand.

Nature Park Kopacki Rit in Croatia offers 3 nature trails: Old Elm Tree, Free Grazing and Sakadas.

In the area of Djerdap National Park in Serbia, there are nine hiking trails from 2 to 20 km long.

Ten hiking trails are established in Bulgaria, in the regions Vidin and Montana (Western Balkan Mountains).

Romanian Danube Delta park offers seven hiking trails withing the biosphere of the park, as well as 19 touristic trails along the waterways in the delta area.

Hiking infrastructure has not yet been established in Ukraine and Moldova, while the length of the trails, maintenance and services provided, differ from country to country.

The cross border “Route of Emperors and Kings” connects the diversity of European culture along the Danube and beautiful landscapes from the medieval city of Regensburg, via Passau and Vienna, to the metropolis Budapest.

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