Navigation and sailing are probably the best ways of experiencing the Danube. Only that way, one can really feel the river's strength and power, its colours, diverse landscapes and "moods". These activities, at the same time, enable a visitor to have the best possible view towards the buildings and monuments on the Danube banks.

The Danube has always been an important transport route of Europe - today, as "Corridor VII", and through Rhine-Main-Danube Channel, it connects Port of Rotterdam and Western Europe with the Black Sea. The route is wide enough for large scale boats and vessels.

There are a number of cruising or sailing tours and routes in all of the countries the Danube runs through. In Germany, there is a possibility of taking nostalgic Donauarche boat - traditional-style boat trip, or "crystal" fleet and see the city of Regensburg from a different perspective. Nevertheless, the most recommended is a tour through the Altmuhl valley, from Kelheim to the famous Danube Gorge, the narrowest part of the river.

Austria, on the other hand, offers cruising the Danube loop in Schlögen and Wachau valley, as well as the routes that pass by the cities of Passau, Linz and Vienna.

In Slovakia, one of the most exciting routes takes you the the confluence of the Danube and Morava river, passing by historic Devin castle. Taking the Twin City Liner, a high speed catamaran which connects Bratislava and Vienna several times during a day is also an interesting way of exploring the Danube waters.

Sailing through Hungarian portion of the Danube should definitely include remarkable Budapest bridges and passing the Danube band, one of the most beautiful river's landscapes. Hungarian tour operators offer a number of river cruises abroad, such as Romantic Danube Cruise (from Budapest to Nuremberg, via Vienna and Wachau valley in Austria), or River Danube Waltz Cruise (from Budapest to the city of Passau).

In Croatia, one can visit the ports of Vukovar and Ilok. Neighbouring Serbia offers different routes, including the ones that pass by Serbian capital Belgrade, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy two rivers - the Danube and Sava - come together, surrounded by unforgettable landscape.

Romanian tour operators have a large list of attractive offers, which take the tourists to all the Danube major cities, or to the region closer to the Black Sea. However, as in all of the Danube countries, it is possible to sail with privately owned boats and make your own itinerary.

Bulgarian part of the river can be explored during The Danube Islands cruise - around river's islands, or a short trip "In the embrace of the Danube" - around parts of Persina and Golyama Barzina island.

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