Felix Romuliana (Zaječar)

Emperor Galerius, who was born in the area, built Felix Romuliana - imperial palace, in honour of himself and his mother Romula - in the 3rd and 4th century. ...

City: Zajecar

Country: Serbia


Felix Romuliana, Gamzigrad, Timok valley, 11 kilometres from Zaječar; GPS N 43°53`57.4512” E 22°11`39.1344”


Zaječar Town Hall
Trg oslobođenja 1, 19000 Zaječar, Serbia
tel: +381 19 421199

Tourist office
Svetozara Markovića 2, 19000 Zaječar, Serbia
tel: +381 19 421521

National Museum
Moše Pijade 2, 19000 Zaječar, Serbia
tel: +381 19 422930

Hours: Mon & Sat: 8.00–16.00, Tue–Fri: 8.00–18.00, Sun closed; Nov –Mar: closed on Sat

Archeological Site Felix Romuliana
Gamzigrad, 19000 Zaječar, Serbia
Tel: +381 19 450019, 19 422930

Opening hours: daily Apr. – Oct. 8.00 – 20.00, Nov. – Mar. 8.00 – 16.00

Guided tours: Tel. +381 64 2809485 (Director Bora Dimitrijević)

Attraction is opened all year round (November – March only announced group visits). The entrance fee is paid through ticket price: adults 2€, school children 1.5€, joint ticket for Site and the Museum 3€.


Parking, souvenir shop, public toilets. Billboards, signs, printed guides, printed brochures, theatrical performances, roles plays, concerts, spatial models

Key characteristics of the attraction:

1. Dates back to end of III and beginning of IV century AD

2. Emperor palace

3. The most preserved archeological mosaics - the best

4. Example of Europe's art

5. The sacral objects on Magura

6. UNESCO Heritage List

Supporting tourist fascinations:

1. Gamzigrad spa

2. Priest beach - interesting sport and recreation

3. Complex

4. Grlisko Lake

5. Saint Peter and Paul Church

6. Suvodol Monastery

7. Zajecar city Museum - Exhibit of the mosaic parts represent the most important part of the entire Museum, and together with other exhibits, it represent the integral part of the Felix Romuliana.

How to get there:


Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla

Niš Airport


Zajecar Central Bus Station

phone: +381 19 421 454


In terms of traffic, the position of the site is very good. Two important international roads pass through Zajecar, only 11 km away from Felix Romuliana: part of Corridor X: Paraćin - Zaječar – Vidin (Bulgaria); Niš - Zaječar - Negotin – Kladovo – Romania.


Railway Central Station Zaječar

phone: +381 19 440 830

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