Urban and attractive, Belogradchik represents a sequel to the most attractive tourist sites in Bulgaria. Natural beauty and rich heritage define the city as one of the most interesting destinations....

Country: Bulgaria

Municipality of Belogradchik is located in the northwestern part of the country, in the northern and northeastern slopes of "Stara Planina" mountain, 545 meters above sea level. Belogradchik municipality attracts with its abundance of natural, cultural and historical sites, monuments, and with its lively cultural traditions. Proof of this are the numerous celebrations, fairs, meetings, exhibitions and other activities are organized each year.

One of the traditional celebrations of the city's Folklor Festival "From Timok to Iskar - in the footsteps of the Thracians". One of the most important historical monuments in Belogradchik is the Belogradchik fortress. It was built among the rock cliffs, within the boundaries of theRoman Empire durin the IIIth century . It was declared a cultural monument of national importance in 1985. Another important monument in the city is the "Panov's house" - the Historical Museum. The house is a model of western Bulgarian architecture from 1810.

The mosque Haji Hussein is a monument of local importance, implemented with Bulgarian woodcarving. Museum of Nature and Science  is the only one in northwestern Bulgaria and is located here - in the town of Belogradchik.

There are shown over 3000 exhibits. Among the beautiful rocks of Belogradchik shines the dome of the Astronomical observatory. With great historical and cultural importance is the area of Anishte - an ancient settlement (IInd-IIIth century ). A unique natural phenomena within the town of Belogradchik and the surroundig area are the Belogradchik rocks which have amazing  length of about 30 km. and width and 6-7 km.

Famous rocks around the town are - "Konnika", "Madonata", "Dervisha", "Adam i Eva" and many others. "The Pearl in the Crown" 'is "Magura" cave, located near the village of Rabisha. Monument of culture and national tourist site, it is one of the largest caves in Bulgaria, covering over 30,000 square meters. There can be found unique cave drawings dated back from the Paleolithic period ( 10,000 years BC.) to the early Bronze Age. The drawings represent religious and hunting scenes as well as numerical values. In the  "Kozarnika Cave"  a tooth was discovered which is determined to have belonged to a representative of  the genus Homo, possibly Homo erectus. This is the oldest record of human presence in Europe (1.6 million years). Rabisha Lake is the largest tectonic lake in Bulgaria, with an area of 3,250 acres.

The lake is associated with the legend of the Water Bull. There also are many legends associated with the Belogradchik rocks. The legend of the "Uchenichkata" (The Schoolgirl) tells the story of the love between the schoolgirl  Latinka and the young man Milotin. The local dervish is trying to keep them apart, and since the girl was left with no choice, she whispered in desparation, - "Oh God, have mercy on me ... Turn me into stone" and instantly everything was petrified. The legend of "Madonna" also talks about the great and eternal love between the nun Valentina and the shepherds Anton. A baby's cry one day sounded in the monastery and Valentina was banished. Anton went after his love, but then everything had frozen in stone beauty.

Destination of  Belogradchik is suitable for tourists from any age, what more can be offered: downhill zorbing ball, tasting wines from local wineries, stroll along eco-trails as well as beautiful routes to go wit an ATV or jeep.

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