Leova city

Leova city is located on the bank of the river Prut. The main attractions of the city include a rich cultural heritage presented through memorials and monuments of great heroes of history. The climate in the city can be characterized as moderate-continental with a warm summer and a winter with litt...

Country: Moldova

Leova locality is mentioned for the first time in 1489. In 1818 the “St. Parascheva” Church was built, later on and five synagogues that carried out their activity through the whole century.

During the last years many buildings with commercial activity were built in the city and namely the city center. Today, the main activities take place in the city center where all the offices, shopping centers, agricultural markets, hospitals, educational and cultural institutions are concentrated.

The cultural heritage of the city includes the memorial of the heroes fallen in the Second World War, the monuments of personalities such as M. Eminescu, Stefan the Great, Petru Teodorovici and Ion Aldea Teodorovici, Idel Ianchelevici, M. Gorkii; natural attractions such as the "Secular oak", "White Swan" Reserve, the archaeological monument “Trajan's Wall”; monuments of architecture: houses of Jews, the Synagogue, Maratea’s estate, "Saint Parascheva" Church.

The market economy developed in the city by the appearance of large and medium enterprises.  In the field of education, two high schools, a vocational schools, two preschools, a creative center for children, a sport centre and the young naturalist’s centre carry out their activity in Leova.

Some of the cultural institutions include, the District House of Culture, the public library, the Museum of History and Ethnography, the School of Arts "Petru Teodorovici and Ion Aldea Teodorovici" , the Information and Documentation Centre for Youth operate in Leova.

The total population of Leova amounts to 10,800 inhabitants.

Celebrities born in the city include Idel Ianchelevici - sculptor and painter, brothers Petru Teodorovici and Ion Aldea Teodorovici - composers and musicians.

Dining places: "Miraj" Restaurant, “Prut” Restaurant, etc.

Events organized in the locality/nearby events:

-        Folk Festival ,, Moştenit-am din bătrâni” (We inherited from elders);

-        Regional Festival “La o margine de Prut” (At the border of Prut river);

-        Olympic Fest;

-        Traditional Festival “Mărţişor”;

-        Winter Traditions and Customs Festival „V-am ura v-am tot ura”;

-        National Wine Day;

- District Volleyball Championship.

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