Terente Cellar and “Crama Dobrogeana”

Alcovin company organizes professional wine tasting, backed by specialized personnel....

City: Macin City

Country: Romania

Alcovin company organizes professional wine tasting, backed by specialized personnel.

During the tasting you will get sufficient knowledge about: serving wine (the order of
serving, serving temperature, etc..), identifying varieties of wine, choosing the wine according to the kind of food that you eat, differentiate wines according to their characteristics and typicity.
Wine tasting takes place in our tasting rooms: Terente Cellar and “Crama Dobrogeana”.
Our tasting offers includes:

Wine tasting MINI - Swedish buffet including appetizers, cheese, salami and other dry raw meat, bread, mineral water and coffee. For tasting we offer 6 sorts of bottled wine and 0.5 l / person white or red wine in bulk if desired.

Wine tasting CLASSICS - Including appetizer and wines from MINI wine tasting, plus a main dish and dessert. The main dish can be choosen from:
* roasted pork / chicken and 2 grilled minced meat rolls with baked potatoes, with salad (summer or pickles)
* brine chicken breast with polenta, cheese with cream
* cooked mix with cheese and polenta
Apple or cheese pie to dessert and homemade ice cream.

Wine tasting CUSTOMIZED - It is similar to CLASSIC tasting except that the main dish is particularly and the bread is made at winery fireplace oven. Our proposal consists of:
* sheep pastrami with polenta , ewe cheese and pickles
* escalope of beef in wine sauce, baked
* young goat at the oven with tomato juice and wine
* grilled shad with lemon (only April-May)
You can choose other dishes according to your preference.

Wine tasting CYCLO - For cyclists only - includes the tasting of four kinds of red and white bulk wine and a "mini-tasting on toothpick".

For groups larger than 30 people shall be granted 20% discount.

Please do not hesitate, you can turn every day in a day of vacation in which you’ll feel good with your friends.

For booking:
Tel: +40 240 573 368, +40 744 663 193
E-mail: office@curtearegala.ro

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