Cahul city

Cahul city is located in southwestern part of the Republic of Moldova, on a plateau near the Prut River, surrounded by the valleys of some rivers and rivulets and protected by several hills and peaks....

Country: Moldova

This locality was mentioned for the first time in the 16th century with the name Frumoasa.

Cahul city is the administrative center of the district with the same name, and has a population of over 40 thousand inhabitants. It is the 6th largest city in the country, and 3rd in economic development and social importance.

In Cahul city about 3,800 businesses are registered. The largest part of them carries out their activity in trade – about 2000. Other branches of economy that carry out their activity include industry, construction, transport and peasant farms.

The structure of the tourism potential of Cahul city is diverse, including various attractions such as: historical, art and religious monuments, historical sites, museums, art and cultural institutions, economic units, folk events, wineries etc. Among the most important buildings we can mention: School of Fine Arts, School of Arts for Children "Maria Cebotari", Museum of Cahul Land, Musical and Dramatic Republican Theater "B. P. Hasdeu", "B.P. Hasdeu" State University, "St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel" Cathedral, Old Rite Church "Virgin Mary’ s Cerement", "Nufarul Alb" Sanatorium, etc.

Key Features:

-          A major city from the economic and social point of view;

-          Has several important buildings;

-          The city has a diversified economy, the industrial sector being presented by food industry enterprises, light industry enterprises, and construction materials enterprises.

Connections with nearby attractions:

-          Recreational Area "La Cotihana";

-          Manta Lake, Manta village;

-          "Vismos" Winery SA, Moscovei village;

-          Trajan's Wall, Vadul lui Isac village;

-          International Festival "Din zestrea neamului", Zirnesti village.


Events organized in the locality/nearby events:

-          International Festival “Mărţişor”

-          International Festival “Nufărul Alb” (White water lily)

-          Child International Day

-          Folk Dance International Festival “Bobocelul”

-          Family Festival

-          Traditional Costume National Day

-          Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova

-          National Interethnic Festival “Ethnic Groups Festival”

-          Traditions and customs Festival “Florile Dalbe”

-          Republican Tournament of Graeco-Roman Wrestling

-          International Tournament of ping-pong and cycling competitions

-          Football Championship of Cahul district

-          Football Republican Tournament “Guguţă” (boys)

-          Football Republican Tournament “Speranţa” (girls)

-          Football Cup of the president of Cahul district

Target groups: families, students, young people, couples, businessmen, etc. 

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