North-West region (Vidin)

Vidin and surrounding towns and villages offers a number of possibilities for a visitor - enjoying the Danube landscapes, visiting cultural and historical monuments, as well as hiking, biking and enjoying local hospitality....

City: Vidin

Country: Bulgaria


GPS N 32°59`37.3158 E 22°52`35.0148”


Vragansky Balkan Nature Park, ul. Ivanka Boteva 1, 3000 Vratska, tel. +359 92 665849,

Natura Visitor Centre (in the Old Mosque), ul. Pop Sava Katrafikov 17-19, 3000 Vratsa, Bulgaria, tel. +359 926 60318,

Hours: 31 Apr–Sep: 9.00–17.00 (daily), 1 Oct–31 Mar: Mon–Fri 9.00–17.00, Sat & Sun: closed

Wine cellars/vineyards, wine tasting:

Magura Cave Bat Gallery, c/o Magura Winery & Cave, Alexandar Pushkin Blvd. 5 (office), 1618 Sofia, Bulgaria, tel. +359 2 8570015, fax: +359 2 9571623,

Borovitza Winery, 3955 Borovitza, Belogradchik, Vidin Province, Bulgaria, tel. +359 878 510619,

Chateau de Val Winery, Parva 201, Gradetz, Vidin Province, Bulgaria, tel. + 359 88 8001752,

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