Veliko Gradiste

Veliko Gradiste is located in the northeastern part of Serbia, by the Danube, 114 km downstream from Belgrade and belongs Podunavlje region(Branicevo District). It covers an area of 344 km2. ...

Country: Serbia

In the Municipality of Veliko Gradiste tourists will be fascinate with combination of a long history, as evidenced by Ram fortress, Nimnik monastery and town Veliko Gradiste, and modern approach to tourism, tourism center Silver Lake with all of its offerings. Here you can spend a quiet holiday and stormy weekend, can be visited cultural and historical monuments or enjoy adventure and recreation. Here everyone can find their paradise.

Silver Lakeis one of the most popular resorts in Serbia. The lake is actually a branch of the Danube river, which in 1971. Was converted upstream by a dam, so the coastal of Ram marshes would be protected from underground waters.The lake has an area of 4.5 km2, maximum withof 0.3 km and 14 km in length. By type the lake belongs to the artificial storage lakes.

In the afternoon, when the sun starts to set behind the Carpathians, a lot of sun rays make the lake has a silver glow. It owes its name,Silver,to that glow. Silver Lake, rich in fish is a true paradise for fishermen. It is known among fishermen by the caught carp weighing 44 kg. All types of freshwater fish are represented in the lake: catfish, perch, carp, grasscarp. bighead ...

The lake has this year opened a national rowing center and on the coast there are places where you can rent water bikes, kayaks and other vessels. The company Silver Lake offers a water park, boat touring to the Ram and Golubac fortress, marina, restaurants and cafes on the coast, holiday resorts, garni hotel Danubia Park with fitness and wellness center, "Dr. Feelgood Health Zone".

Silver Lake is of an exceptional beauty and from the beginning it has become a popular holiday resort and the backbone of tourism in this region. The shade of acacia trees and good climate make staying on the lake memorable.

Town Veliko Gradiste has a very interesting and eventful history. Visitors are impressed by the downtown Zitnisquare where the ambience make Municipality building, the Church of Archangel Gabriel, Gymnasium, library, and a century old park where you can seetwo monuments from the national liberation struggle and bust Vlastimir Pavlovic Carevca. Below is a quay which walking along the Danube in the length of 2.5km linking town with Silver Lake. There is also a dock for all ships traveling to the Black Sea, just like the Customs House building, which also attracts attention.

Ram fortress is situated on the right bank of the Danube. Several kilometers upstream from antique Byzantine fortifications 1483rd In a new fortress was built by order of Bayezid II and served for defense, what can we conclude from holes in the towers. Today, there are well-preserved fortress from whose walls you can see beautiful view over the Danube in the Banat.

Nimnik monastery was built before 1389th or before the Battle of Kosovo. During Karađorđa, 1813th the monastery was robbed, burned and destroyed to the foundation by the Turks. Restored by Prince Miloš 1825th with the people's help. Monastery Nimnik has two chapels. The first is called the the holy shrine and there is a little girl's grave, according to legend was killed by brigands. Another chapel is located in the monastery, dedicated to the Holy Virgin Shroud.

Kusice village is famous for the production of flowers. In this village there is no home without a of greenhouses with the best floral species. Flowers in honor of the locals have created manifestation the Days of flowers. This village has the opportunity to become known in rural tourism, and its quality has been recognized and it is coded as a village with exceptional potential.

Carevac villageis famous for Vlastimir Pavlovic Carevac, composer, conductor and virtuoso on the violin who has changed the view of the folk music and composed many wonderful folk songs, the most famous is Svilen konac (silk thread). In this village you can see the house where was born and grew up this great artist.

Gorica hill is located near the village Zatonje, at an altitude of 282m. Vicinity of the Danube, which has cut the Carpathians and opened space from the Pannonian plain to the Mediterranean, as well as the height of the hill caused the strong winds that change frequently. Such wind flow has created ideal conditions for paragiiding. Lovers of this sport we usually meet in the spring and fall when the winds are strongest.

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