Lepenski Vir

Archaeological site Lepenski vir was discovered in 1965, on the very coast of the Danube. It is 15km far from Donji Milanovac. That was one of the most significant discoveries of this kind in Serbia. Its culture is about 8000 years old and it represented the unknown for archeologists[br/][br/] ...

Country: Serbia

Lepenski Vir is one of the greatest and most significant Mesolithic and Neolithic archeological sites. It is located on the right coast of the Danube in Djerdapska Klisura (The Iron Gates).

This locality, which was named after the Danube whirl, was the center of one of the most important and most complex cultures of pre-history. During the excavation, seven successive settlements and 136 objects ( both housing and sacral) were discovered. They were built in the period from 6500 to 5500 BC.

• Attraction open for visitors - months and working hours: Archeological site "Lepenski Vir" all year ( 9,00 - 20,00)

• Narrative / themes / stories - 3 - 5 examples

Interpretation infrastructure - Digital applications / Audio visual equipment / Professional interpreters

• Supporting tourist fascinations - nearby: Archeological site "LepenskiVir", Tourist Info centre, Donji Milanovac

• The best for target groups: families / adventurers / 50+ / young people / couples

• Accessibility (roads, distances): On main road M25.1 and on Euro Velo 6 route from Golubac to Donji Milanovac (40 km)

• Ticket Prices: 4 EURO Teaser – the best recommendation sentence - will be visible as short description in search.

Contact and tickets booking details:

Phone: (+381) 30 501501;
           (+381) 30 501389

Cell phone:
(+381) 62 216559

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