Life should be lived

All day paddling tours Backa Palanka - Novi Sad...

City: Backa Palanka

Country: Serbia

Life should be lived

Organized transportation from Novi Sad to Backa Palanka "Tikvara" on the Danube. After a short training in rowing, we canoe down the river accompanied by the "Floating Island" catamaran. We sail under the Backa Palanka bridge - Ilok, enter the Neštinski Danube Branch, and then enter the Susečki Danube. Paddling through the Susečki Danube we come to Šašić Ada, where the "Floating Island" waits for us, on which lunch and a short break are organised. After lunch, rowing continues to Futoški Danube branch, the "Love island", Beočinska Ada. We canoe through Rakovačka Branch, "Novi Sad's gate" and come to Strand.


  • Departure from Novi Sad with organized transport at 07.30.
  • Start of downhill in canoes 09.00.
  • Lunch 12.00 - 13.00
  • Back till 18.30

Price per person/ per day is

for 12 persons .......................... .35 €

for 10 persons .......................... .45 €

for 8 persons ........................... . 55 €

The price includes:

  • Transportation from Novi Sad to Backa Palanka
  • Logistics of the ship - catamaran "Floating island".
  • Paddling training on a canoe or a kayak.
  • Canoe and kayak rental with equipment.
  • Lunch on board (from the pot fish soup or gulash - as arranged by the group

We recommend that you take with you:
Sports clothes (layered), windward jacket, hat, sun glasses, sunscreen, towel, extra dry clothes in case that becomes wet (it happens very rare). And on the trip bring your own warm clothes, because after sunsets on the Danube is fresher.

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