Backi Petrovac

The Municipality of 15000 inhabitants of various nationalities is comfortable situated in the south of Bačka region, in four settlements (Backi Petrovac, Kulpin, Glozan, Maglic) and offers wonderful diversity for visitors....

Country: Serbia

The wide village streets with lots of greenery, extraordinary decorated houses, flowers and rustic farmyards, seems dreamlike.

Mix of culture and customs encountered in this area are presented on exhibits in Museum of Agriculture, placed in picturesque Castle Dundjerski- Vojvodina’s most romantic castle also during international Wedding festival held at this place every year.

In the shade of a beautiful park, contrived by Vienna architects, place of emperors visitations, was gaining inspiration also one of greatest Serbian poets Laza Kostić- for most beautiful love poem “ Santa Marija della Salute“. It remained a secret was he prompted by the female beauty or local wines produced and awarded even now days.

This fertile lowland is a hub ofagriculture. Here you can find much more tractors than cars. Famous for its brooms, Petrovac is the largest broom exporter in Europe. These ancient crafts are preserved in the ethno center “AHOJ“ where you learnto re-create traditional handiwork from raw materials. For more inspired visitors there are also culinary courses following centuries old recipes .

Although most famous products, well-known worldwide is spicy “klobasa“, traditional Slovakian smoked sausage, ussually served with stewed cherries. Because its spicy taste it was called “Dragon sausage“. Producers of this unique product have kept their recepies family secret for generations. Nowdays it has Protected Designation of Origin.

If you are drifting back froma lazy afternoon at the swiming pool in Maglic, or heading out to buy watermelons, the village grandmothers riding bicycles in their traditional, lace skirtsmust seem like a mirage of the past. During long winter evenings and sleding, hot cup of tea, sampling excelentpoppy seed and quince piesin the cosy kitchen completes village idyll experience.

For anglers, the surroundings of the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal and the fishing lake at Gložan, makes this a paradise.

If you want to wake up in the morning with a cock-a-doodle doo and the aroma of freshly-baked bread, Bački Petrovac is just the right place for your holidays.

Fresh air, home-made food and a variety of vacation activities are a precious and attractive substance for all generations throughout seasons.

Slogan / Headline of the actual campaign ALL SEASON VILLAGE

Culturally and economically prestigeous Backi Petrovac Municipality consists of four settlements out of which Bački Petrovac is a settlement of a town character, and center of Municipality, while the other 3 settlements feature characteristics of Panonian type villages: Kulpin, Gložan and Bački Maglić. Bački Petrovac Municipality is situated 24 km north-west of Novi Sad on the part of the regional road connecting Novi Sad – Odžaci – Sombor. Bački Petrovac is the largest Slovakian community and economical cultural and administrative center of Slovaks living in Vojvodina, who settled here in the first half of the 18th century (1745). Agriculture is the most important economic activity in Bački Petrovac Municipality, with production of field crops, cattle, and vegetable crops prevail. Visitors of Bački Petrovac Municipality enjoy in visiting numerous museums, colorful folklore performance and handcraft exhibitions, cultural and art galleries, Castle in Kulpin village - the best preserved castle of Vojvodina, or relaxing on the Danube River shore, on the 1284th km of Danube waterway, or winter idyll in Vojvodina lowland. Those who would prefer fun and amuzing water activities, sport excitements, plays in swimming pools and geo-thermal water thrills are strongly recommended to visit the largest and most modern aqua Park in the Balkans - the Petroland in Backi Petrovac !

Bački Petrovac nearby interesting places and activities: Danube River, Canal network system of Danube-Tisa-Danube perfect for fishing, walking, sports, Museum of Agriculture in Kulpin, swimming pool in Maglić, rich hunting grounds, folklore festivals...

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