Small Wetland of Braila

The Small Wetland of Braila Natural Park is an protected area (wetland) of international interest which is corresponding to the 5th Category (Natural Parks), and it is situated in Muntenia Region of Romania, on the territory of Braila County.[br/] The Park represents the last standing [br/] and th...

City: Braila County

Country: Romania

The Small Wetland of Braila is the last remaining part of the former wetlands of Braila. Covering a 241 km² area, The Natural Park preserves 10 % of the former interior Danube Delta, the former wetlands of Braila and Ialomita counties that used to cover in the 1970s a compact wetland of 62,413 km² on the lower Danube, between Silistra and Braila. The Natural Park Small Wetland of Braila covers 62 km, on the lower Danube between Giurgeni – Vadu Oii Bridge (km 237 up-river) and the city of Braila (km. 175 down river), at flood peak.

The Natural Park Small Wetland of Braila is home to a rich fauna and flora biodiversity, an extensive part of which are protected by national and international laws. 207 bird species find refuge here for nesting, food or resting throughout the migration periods.

Interchange between the flooding and drought intervals has left its mark on the presence of mammals in the Natural Park Small Wetland of Braila. Although the feeding and breeding conditions in the areas neighboring the park are quite favourable, when the water level allows it, the mammals prefer the park especially for breeding purposes because it is highly sheltered from any sort of pressure.

According to the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 57/2007 concerning the regulation of protected natural areas, preservation of natural habitats, of the wild flora and fauna, including subsequent amendments and additions, the purpose of the Natural Park Small Wetland of Braila is to protect and conserve a set of landscapes where man’s interaction with nature throughout the time has led to a distinctive area of a high biologic diversity.
The Ramsar Convention defines the purpose of the Natural Park Small Wetland of Braila as the protection and conservation of biologically diverse natural sites pertaining to wetlands.
The Natural Park Small Wetland of Braila belongs to the V IUCN category – “Protected landscape: protected area, mainly managed for the conservation of the landscape and recreation”.

In July 2001, the Natural Park Small Wetland of Braila was declared internationally significant wetland, listed 1074th by the Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention.

In 2007, the Natural Park Small Wetland of Braila was also declared a Site of Communitary Importance (ROSCI 0006) as well as Specially Protected Area (ROSPA 0005), as part of the Natura 2000 European ecologic network.


Phone: +40728104223
Adress: Veronica Vizireanu Street, no 39, Marasu Village,
Braila County, Romania
postal code 817080

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