Vratna Stone Gates

Near by the Monastery of Vratna, on the mountain river, clear and suitable for fishing, there are huge stone gates, that is the nature made without chisel and hammer. " The first gate was named Veliki Prerast, second was called Mali Prerast, an third is called Suvi Prerast. Whole complexVratna, vill...

City: Negotin

Country: Serbia

The first trail goes from the monastery Vratna through the Small gate, Great gate to Dry Gate in the length of 3.5 km in one direction. Another trail goes from the Great gate through Viewpoint, the upper bank to the Spring and Dry Gate, in the length of 4 km in one direction. Third Hiking Trail goes from the monastery Vratna across the ‘’Cigansko groblje’’ to canyon Biger with the tunnel cave in the length of 7 km in one direction.

The trail - route, hiking trail
• Type by difficulty, medium
• Guided / self guided route/ both
• Interesting natural spots and cultural sites on the road (or nearby),
• Best time of the year for the route (from month to month), from april to september
• Recommended friendly accommodation and restaurants, / Private accomodation in village Jabukovac
• Specific kinds of plants and animals along the trail to be found. The most common game species present in the huntin ground ''Vratna'' are: fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar and regular deer
• Accessibility: By bus (from / to), by train (from / to), by cruise (from / to), individual shuttle (from / to). By bus and by car from Negotin to Vratna village.
• Eventually: if it is combined with other types of activities – detail description is required. Teaser – the best recommendation sentence - will be visible as short desciprition in search.

Contact and tickets booking details
Name, first name: Mountaineering association '' Deli Jovan'', Boban Djordjevic
Cell phone: +381 62225509

Route name – Hiking trail ''Vratna stone gates'' /Starting point/ location (nearby city/town)Negotin, monastery Vratna - Ending point/ location (nearby city/town) third gate
Duration: (in hours/days) 5,5 hours

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