Golden Inn Hotel

Golden Inn Hotel is located in the very center of Majdanpek in the Djerdap National Park. It offers free Wi-Fi and rooms with cable TV and air conditioning. There are a lot of attractions near hotel....

City: Majdanpek

Country: Serbia

Golden Inn Hotel is a 3 stars hotel situated in the center of Majdanpek in the Djerdap National Park.

It offers free Wi-Fi, restaurant, a banquet hall, a president room, conference room and lobby coffee bar.
Rooms are air conditioned, with cable TV, mini-bar, balcony or terrace.
Restaurant provides a variety of national and international specialties.

Sports center “August 6th” is available and offers a football and athletics stadium, indoor swimming pools, sauna, fitness center, automatic shooting range, indoor sports hall for basketball, handball, volleyball and other sports.
Ski resort with lift capacity of 1100 skiers per hour from the ski slopes of length 1200m and 220m vertical drop. There are a lot of natural and archaeological attractions near hotel.

Rajko’s cave has beautiful stalactites and stalagmites with length over 2300m and this cave are one of the richest with cave ornaments.
Lake Veliki Zaton is crystal clear lake suitable for water sports and fishing.
Valja Prerast is natural stone bridge with span about 150m and 26m height.

The monument of nature Beli izvorac is significant because his excellence and preservation as geomorphological object surface relief. In the valley of Beli izvorac their exsiste two tufa accumulation different ages deposites one over the other. This natural resource have a many of shapes, phenomen and proccess, that the watercourse of Beli izvorac had formed in the deposited layers of tufa downstream of source Beli izvorac.
A relatively small area (about 300 m) there is a waterfall, high 16 m. Below the waterfall, plungh throught the water bigar, have formed a cave chanell long 13 m, wide 4 m, open on both side. Depositemation of tufa in the cave, are created pure white stalactites.

Archaeological site grove Rudna Glava is a prehistoric mine (3800-3200 years BC) and a first mine in Europe.
Archaeological site Lepenski Vir is one of the most important sites of culture of the Middle Stone Age with the remains of religious architecture from the period of 7000 years BC.
The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul in Majdanpek was built in 1856 by order of the government and the Serbian Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic.
A Museum of Mining is also in the center of the city.

Hotel is ideal accommodation for families, couples, both young and older people.

Majdanpek is located 190km from Belgrade, in northeast Serbia in National Park.

Contact and booking: Golden Inn Hotel
10, Svetog Save St.

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