Majdanpek is the administrative capital. It is a town located at the altitude of 350m. It is located in the valley of the river Mali Pek, surrounded with mountains, on the main road M 24 (Pozarevac-Negotin).[br/] Majdanpek is a modern settlement with a town park and the central town square. The dow...

Country: Serbia

Majdanpek is a modern settlement with a town park and the central town square. The downtown offers the hotel named „Golden Inn“, the bus station, the post office, banks, restaurants, a gallery, a museum, shops and cafe bars.In the very center of the town, there is the Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul,.

Majdanpek has equipped sports courts, sports center with a hall and a pool.

Rajkova pecina (Rajko`s Cave) and the lake Veliki Zaton (Great Zaton) are located near Majdanpek, about 3 km from the town center.

  • Key characteristics and key tourist fascinations list: Rajko`s Cave, Lake Veliki Zaton, Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul, Valja Prerast
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  • The most important fascinations / places to see + special attention to places on the Danube: Rajko`s Cave, Valja Prerast
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    • Cultural Monuments: Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul
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  • Natural beauties: Rajko`s Cave, Valja Prerast
    • Authentic locations: Rajko`s Cave, Valja Prerast
    • Destinations: Rajko`s Cave, Valja Prerast
    • Characteristic animal and plant species: many wild animals, birds and plants
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Tourist Organization of Municipality Majdanpek

19220 Donji Milanovac / Serbia

Kralja Petra I

Tel. +381(0)30596184; +381(0)30596185

Fax. +381(0)30590184



Tourist Info Center Donji Milanovac

Tel/Fax. +381(0)30591400 +381(0)655656555



Office in Majdanpek

Tel/Fax. +381(0)30584204


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