Vinarija Pavlovic

The Pavlovic family household, categorized with two stars, consists of a housing and economic part. In the household there is also the wine cellar Pavlovic as well....

City: Negotin

Country: Serbia

The household is located on the hilly part of the village Rajac, next to the main road leading to the famous old buildings called Rajacke pivnice.

It is a complex of three separate units: the house and summer kitchen, separated from the economic part of the household, which includes couple of rooms and a yard for animal breeding, and a cellar for production and storage of wine. These units are separated by wire or wooden fences and by a stone wall in one part.

The household was built at the beginning of twentieth century in the style of traditional folk architecture of natural materials, such as: curved stone, wood, bulrush, brick and clay.
The offer for accommodation for guests includes two furnished rooms, with 2+3 beds, a bathroom, kitchenette, anteroom and covered terrace.

On the terrace with the view at beautiful nature and charming rural houses guests have an opportunity to enjoy in that heart of nature while consuming the fresh homemade food and good domestic red wine.
he winery, which is certainly the most important unit of the Pavlovic family household where grapes from nearby vineyards is processed, welcomes each visitor with several kinds of high-quality red wines. The guests have the opportunity to participate in the vintage, as well as in all the other processes in making wine, which will certainly complete their picture of the village and life on the household.
Household objects are protected by the Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage.

The calendar of the local manifestations:
1. Saint Trifun – February 14th;
2. International wine fair – May 12th ;
3. Spasovdan – May 12th to May 17th;
4. The Holy Trinity – the village feast that takes place in June according to the church calendar;
5. Fairs in Negotin – May 8th and 9th; July 12th to July 15th; September 21st to September 24th;
6. Mokranjac days (Mokranjac is a famous Serbian composer) – from September 12th to Septembre 18th.

Tourist attractions:
1. Rajacke pivnice – a unique complex of about 300 small wine cellars of which around a hundred are open for tourist to taste and buy wine;
2. Old cemetery – a complex of Orthodox cemetary which includes a couple of hundres folk tumb stones placed there at the end of eighteenth century;
3. Rafting down the Timok river;
4. A variety of herbs and wild fruits;
5. Participation in all the seasonal works.

We recommend the visit to all the lovers of a good red wine, as well as to those nature lovers and admirers of cultural heritage.

To reach the houslehold use one of these ways:
• From Belgrade through Negotin town taking the international highroad E75,
Belgrade – Paracin – Zajecar – Negotin (310 km);
• Alongside the Danube through Donji Milanovac town (270km);
• From the city of Nis through Knjazevac town (170km);
• From Vidine (45km).

Contact and booking details:
Name, first name: Radomir, Pavlovic
Cell phone: +381 64 23 30 159

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