Guest house Vukic

Tural tourism household belonging to Ms Jasminka Vukic, is situated on a slope of the Bukovo hill, 5km from Negotin....

City: Negotin

Country: Serbia

Rural tourism household belonging to Ms Jasminka Vukic, is situated on a slope of the Bukovo hill, 5km from Negotin

• The house with the living , dining, an three doublebedrooms, is surronded with vineyard and the orchard
• Additional offer - lunch, dinner, ethno food specialities
• Seasonal / holidays / weekend offers with prices - content rearrangable - bed/brekfast 8 eur
• Connections with tourist attractions nearby - includes hiking, biking, visit to monastery Bukovo ( 2km),
• Supporting tourist fascinations - nearby- sightseeing of Negotin and the vinecellers complexes Pimnice in Rajac and Rogljevo by the list from the section `FIND what to do on the Danube`
• The best for target groups: families / couples
• Accessibility (roads, distances) Road Negotin / Zajecar 1km away Teaser – the best recommendation sentence - Rural peace in the vineyards

Contact and booking details +381 019 547 984
Name, first name: Jasminka Vukic
Cell phone: 063 7 041 359

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