Proudly named the City of Culture, City of Inspiration, City of Sports and Festivals, Belgrade develops and changes fast, protecting its rich and diverse history within the mixture of culture, architecture and spirit....

Country: Serbia

Belgrade on the river banks: Sava and Danube

Two international rivers Sava and Danube flow through European countries and merge on the point where Belgrade has been founded. The confluence represents the most attractive point under the Belgrade fortress, and along with the Big War Island is a real natural oasis in the heart of a modern city. The river banks never sleep. On numerous boats, restaurants and cafes visitors can have a cup of coffee, eat a fish speciality, listen the music and have fun. Belgraders love their rivers and proudly take their guests to enjoy there.

A Walk through History

Being one of the oldest European cities with the heritage which lasts over 5000 years, Belgrade cherishes the history, landmarks, monuments from the past, traditional art and famous attractions, all incorporated into a vast tourist offer.

The archaeological sites in Vinca witness that the Vinca settlements in the Early Neolithic Age – 5 000 BC were the widest spread culture in the Old continent, due to the vicinity of two rivers, a fertile plain and a rich hinterland.

In the 3rd century BC the territory of Belgrade was inhabited by Celts, who named the city - Singidunum. The city was conquered by the Romans and became a part of the Eastern Roman Empire – the Byzantine Empire. Slavs inhabited this territory in the 6th century, and the white towers rising over the Sava and Danube in the 6th century created the sight which made the Slavs name the city Beli Grad - the White City.

Cultural Centre

With some of the most attractive locations, Kalemegdan Fortress – the oldest cultural and historical monument, Skadarlija – the bohemian quarter in the city centre, Knez Mihailova, Cika Ljubina and Vuka Karadzica streets; Princess Ljubica’s Residence, Old and New Royal Court, Federal Parliament, Temple of St. Sava and many other, Belgrade makes the cultural centre of South East Europe.

In addition to popular attractions, Belgrade is proud to have many museums, cultural centers and numerous renowned institutions which highly contribute to the cultural life of the Capital. One of the oldest of such kind is Kolarac, a magnificent edifice and the seat of the People’s University, with the Music Centre and the Concert Hall which holds more than 250 concerts a year.

A modern Belgrade – Entertainment

Modern Belgrade has an authentic atmosphere where guests feel like at home, relaxed, amused and comfortable. Enjoy the view from the Belgrade Fortress and take a walk around Kalemegdan; walk down Knez Mihailova or Skadarska street – the street of bohemians; indulge your senses in one of the traditional restaurants with home wines and national music that will undoubtedly make you dance; visit some of the bars, night clubs and disco clubs where the entertainment lasts till dawn and just when you start feeling like you want to lie down, the smell of fresh coffee will invite you back to the streets of Belgrade which never sleeps. But the true beauty of Belgrade, as the guests claim, is in the people!

So, take a walk through Belgrade, you will most certainly love it!

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