4 Day Wildlife PhotoTours in Danube Delta 2013 - by FotoDelta - Mila 23

Nature photography tours in the Danube Delta, at Mila 23, organized by FotoDelta.ro. Tours will be led by the best guides team in the Danube Delta....

City: Mila 23 Village

Country: Romania

It's a classic tour, 4 days / 3 nights, 2 full days of boat tours + two transfers, Tulcea - Mila 23 and back.

Being a photography tour, routes are not fixed (standard) but can be changed according to the conditions of the Danube Delta, weather, water level, fresh information. Also, being photography tours, we do not have a standard route, depending on where we find birds, the species of birds you desire (or types of photographic subjects) we can stay longer in one place, track and photograph birds and / or animals.

danube delta photography toursThis is NOT a pleasure/discover tour but a tour that we focus 100% on the photo. We want especially birds and animals (wildlife) but also we will take the beautiful landscapes offered by the Danube Delta. Tours are dedicated towards professional photographers, for exceptional photos. We'll not wandering too much but stay very focused on any topic, on any opportunity. We'll have photo sessions on the move (of course by boat) and hide photo sessions, we'll be camouflaged in very wild areas, very quiet, in good light, waiting for the right moment and subject for the perfect shot.

Dates and available places:

danube delta pelicansWe have 2 groups this year. If you are at least 4 people and want the tour to another date, please let us know (at least one month in advance), announce tour and we gather 6 people.

TFM Group 1 => 23 - 26 May 2013 - 6 places - there are 3 places left available

*we have a half double available, for a woman, for May 23 - 26.

TFM Group 2 => 6 - 9 June 2013 - 6 places - there are 6 places left available

TFM Group 3 => 5 - 8 September 2013 - 6 places - there are 6 places available

* When book please copy the entire row with the date and place it in the field "observations".

The program is like this:

Day 1 - Meet at Tulcea, at 16:00. We transfer to Mila 23 Village, to the pension, we accommodate and keep a short technical meeting about the program and the peculiarities of the Danube Delta photography, rules on boat and a nature reserve rules. We have prepared a traditional fisherman dinner.

transfer to mila 23Transfer route to Mila 23 is a very nice route and full of photographic subjects, evening light is perfect for this route towards Mila 23. We DO NOT go on the Danube but on small channels and wild lakes, all the time looking for subjects to photograph.

Day 2 - We leave into the Danube Delta very early in the morning, before dawn, to catch the magic light of sunrise and the birds begin to feed. After sunrise session we go back to the pension for breakfast. Get out on the water again after breakfast, for a day tour. We start looking for subjects to photograph around Mila 23 Village, the route is chosen according to the water level and fresh information about groups of birds in the area. We go to Letea Village, the most well preserved village of the Danube Delta. We see traditional houses, white and blue Lippovan houses, blue and green decorated Hahols (Ukrainians) houses, with thatched roofs. Take a visit to Letea Forest, an unique forest in the world, we learn on the spot what makes it unique and much needed by visitors. We also eat a goos lunch in a traditional Lippovan house.

white pelicans photo danube deltaWe expect to find White Pelican, Dalmatian Pelican, Great Crested Grebe, Kingfisher, Red Necked Grebe, White Tailed Eagle, Pygmy Cormorant, Great Cormorant, Red Footed Falcon, Grey Heron, Great Egret, Little Egret, Little Bittern, Marsh Harrier etc.

We return in the evening, after we take the last pictures o thfe sunset. We expect again a fisherman's dinner. Download pictures and put the batteries to recharge.

Day 3 - We start again in the morning on the water, this time on a different route than the previous day. We use the advantage of training obtained on day 2, we try a photo tour to a very joyful kind of birds: Terns, believe me they are a challenge to shoot while the dive for fishing. Also, we will focus on undiscovered species so far: Blue rollers, various species of ducks, geese, swans and surf birds, Purple Heron, Squacco Heron, Night Heron or noisy coots. In the second half of the day will look for surf birds: Black tailed Godwit, Stilt, Plovers, Lapwings and others.

danube delta photo routeDay 4 - After a relaxed breakfast (9:00), this time without sunrise session, we depart to Tulcea. We take the same route from first day. In the morning, we have the best light for this route .


It is done 3-star pension in the village Mila 23, in double rooms, with own bathroom, TV, AC, central heating.


Are included starting with dinner on day 1 and ending with breakfast on day 4.

Dinner and breakfast we take on board, in the pension and lunch will be in the package or in Letea Village, we take a picnic in a beautiful location on the water shore.

transfer mila 23 - tulceaTransfer Tulcea - Mila23 and return

It is done for the whole group at once, with an open boat of 6 places. Each person may have a luggage bag and a camera bag.

Individual transfers are NOT included.


Our photo tours in the Danube Delta are done with an open boat built specifically for this task and is not an adaptation of a boat for other activities, we are the only ones in the Danube Delta with a boat of that level. The boat is very stable, spacious, equipped with 3 benches with back rests and cushions, Motorization is made with Yamaha 40HP (Y F40GET), the quietest engine on the market today. Boat can be fitted with camouflage system that covers the entire length of the boat.

All photographers stay on benches, facing the direction of travel, with a great freedom of movement and the field of view is not blocked by anything. The minimum height that you can shoot is 40cm above the water, you'll look into the pelicans eyes :-).

every one stay relaxedNobody sits cramped, perched on a cabbin or rolled on the floor.

Photo Tours in Danube Delta

Photo Tours are done with low speed, not chasing birds, do not a race. Guides knows very well what to do when you need to shoot and will put the boat in the best position for everyone.

If we encounter concentrations of birds, we stay anchored or tied to shore till we exhausted the desired topics. We are not necessarily related to the achievement of a map route.

The boat has the ability to drive faster (25-30 km / h) but it will this speed will be used only for moving between places to photograph, only on deep channels and lakes. In this way we are able to optimize the maximum time available for photography. In the morning we quickly reached the sunrise spot (very nices spots), we can stay even after sunset without worry that we'll be on the way back in the midnight, in case of bad weather can quickly get back to the pension.

letea wild horsesPackage price is:

300 euro / person

The package includes:

1. FotoDelta.ro Guide
2. Accommodation (3 nights) in 3 *** pension (REAL 3*!!!) In Mila 23, with full board (3 meals / day provided, starting with dinner on the first day and ending with breakfast on the last day). Drinks are not included.
3. Transfer on water from Tulcea to Mila 23 and back.
4. Boat (2 full days + transfers).
5. hide photographyGasoline for the standard tour. If customers want rerouting, will calculate the difference in gasoline.
6. Car for visiting Forest Letea

Not included:

ARBDD fees and the Tulcea County Council. For 2013 are announced 3.5 euro / person / week, visiting Delta fee and 12 euro / person / year Photo fee for hobbists or 25 euro / person / year, the fee for professional photographers.

If you send us all data (Name, Surname, City of residence) at least 7 days before arrival, we can take care of the permits.

danube delta small chanelsOptionals:

Single supplement - 50 euro / person / stay
Individual transfer Tulcea - Mila 23 - 100 euro / one way

You must have with you:

  • Photo equipment, we recommend a minimum 300mm lens (if is possible + converter), plus other shorter lens for landscapes, macro etc.
  • Cards (plenty)
  • Spare batteries. Since leaving the tour after breakfast till evening, you will NOT have access to outlets for charging batteries or discharging cards.
  • danube delta photo Special backpack or camera bag (waterproof or with rain cover)
  • Tripod / monopod
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sunscreen creme
  • Appropriate clothing for the season. MUST have long trousers + shirt + sun hat otherwise you will fry very bad from the sun. Recommended clothing colors to be more natural, as close to nature, to avoid red, white, yellow, blue
  • Sunglasses


Reservations are done by paying 20% ​​of the package price.

danube deltaContact:

Phone: 0740 357 073 | email: iliuta@fotonatura.ro

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