Traditional Peasant Courtyard “Casa Dorului”

The Traditional Peasant Courtyard "Casa Dorului" is a place where you meet the past. The life of our ancestors are presented through exhibits that are collected and kept in a traditional peasant house operating as a museum. Here you can also get acquainted with local traditions and food. ...

City: Cahul city

Country: Moldova

It is a house museum furnished in the style of 19th century with 3 specific rooms: the “casa mare”, the kitchen and the living room. Here you can sit at the loom, put your fork in the belt and spin, you can weave a few lines to the mat or to fold in with the wooden spoon into the pot boiling on recess.

The museum is open to visitors from 2013.

The most representative exhibits:

-          National carpets and costumes that are older than 100 years;

-          Peasant working tools - plow, host, roller from the 19th century;

-          Woodwork - through, mill machine, ceramics tableware from the 19th century;

-          Loom from the 19th century.

Key Features:

-          Arranged in the style of 19th century;

-          There is an outdoor exhibition of peasant tools and instruments;

-          There are 3 specific rooms: the “casa mare”, the kitchen and the living room.

Connections with nearby attractions and important people:

-          “Lower Prut” Scientific Reserve, Slobozia Mare village;

-          Outcrops of Valeni, Valeni village;

-          Museum of History and Study of Slobozia Mare Land, Slobozia Mare village;

-          The Road of Petru Rares, Valeni village;

-          Ensemble “Crăiţele”, Valeni village;

-          Folk music and dance Ensemble “Valenasii”, Valeni village;

-          Music and Dance Ensemble “Vatra Horelor”, Slobozia Mare village;

-          Folklore Ensemble “Mocănaşii”, Slobozia Mare village;

-          Children fanfare, Slobozia mare village;

-          Craftsman Dumitru Zaporojan (manufacturing sheepskin coats), Slobozia Mare village;

-          Craftsman Sergiu Manole (manufacturing pan-pipes), Slobozia Mare village;

Events organized in the Region:

-          “Dulce floare de salcâm” (Sweet Acacia Flower) Festival, Valeni village

-          “Toamna de aur în lunca Prutului” (Golden Autumn in the bottom land of Prut) Eco-cultural Festival

Target groups: families, young people, students.

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