Varad Inn Hostel and Cafe

VARAD INN is the first hostel in Novi Sad specifically designed and created for youth tourism, the modern day traveler and those looking for high quality low cost accommodation....

City: Novi Sad

Country: Serbia

VARAD INN, is located in an original baroque style building that was built in 1714 at the foot of the Petrovaradin Fortress. Today, VARAD INN is a hostel which features modern facilities to ensure all guests a safe, clean and comfortable stay. We cater to groups, families and individual travelers. VARAD INN offers the best variety of fully airconditioned rooms, each with their own en suite (sink, shower and toilet) full bedding, towels, private lockers and night lamp. Plus, 24 hour reception, an excellent cafe, private garden, kitchenette and of course free, fast and stable WIFI. VARAD INN is most likely one of the best and cheapest hostels in Serbia. So, If you are young or young at heart and looking for good, clean, charming, cozy and cheap accommodation in Novi Sad than this is the place for you. VARAD INN hostel's concept is to offer clean, affordable, comfortable, and modern accommodation that meets today's highest standards all in a historical setting. Our friendly staff speak: Serbian, English, Italian, German, Hungarian, Slovenian and Russian.

We are conveniently located next to the main steps leading to the fortress. 200 meters from the Danube river banks and Varadin Bridge and about 1 km to downtown Novi Sad.

How to arrive:


From the central bus and train station – 20 minute ride
Take bus 3 . Exit at the first stop once you cross the bridge on Beogradska Street in Petrovaradin (parallel to Strosmajer St). The bus stop is just a minute from our hostelFrom the city center
Take bus number 3, 3A, 9 or 69. Exit at Beogradska Street in Petrovaradin at the first stop once you cross the bridge (parallel to Strosmajer St). The bus stop is just a minute from our hostel
Single Bus fare is 55 din.

Taxi from the bus and train station to our hostel, (16 Strosmajer Street). is about 300 dinars and from the city center to our hostel about 200 dinars.

If arriving by bike you can park it safely on site away from rain, sun and others.


Jelena Lipovac
Cell phone: +381641232021
Phone: +38121431400

You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype

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