Ecco-etno club Cerevic

Ecco-etno club is engaged in rural tourism. House can accommodate up to 30 guests....

City: Novi Sad

Country: Serbia

Eko-etno klub Cerevic is engaged in rural tourism.

House can accommodate up to 30 guests, there are 5 rooms with bathrooms. There is no age limit for the visitors. Visits only by prior arrangement by phone or e-mail address, near the convention center, Andrevlje".

  • Nautical programs on the Danube
  • Fishing Tourism
  • Manasija
  • Pedestrian, bicycle tours through the mountain
  • Wine tours
  • All programs are guided by the desire
  • All Programs such arrangements "," ab - bis ""
  • From airport to airport to welcome the departure of the care home.

Contact information:
telephone: 021/876-268
mobile: 0649512911

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