About Slovakia

Slovakia is located in Central Europe. It is bordered by Czech Republic and Austria to the west, Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east and Hungary to the south. The country is a member of European Union, NATO and United Nations. More than five million inhabitants live in eight self-governing regions - the capital, city of Bratislava, is one of them.

From the World War II,Slovakia was a part of Czechoslovakia. Both countries became independent on January 1st 1993, after a peaceful dissolution.

Natural landscapes are diverse, but the main feature are the High Tatras, a mountain chain with 29 peaks higher than 2.500 m. Apart from skiing and hiking at the Tatras, a visitor may enjoy a number of medieval castles and towns, nine natioan parks, folk architecture, as well as fifteen caves which are opened to the public..Thanks to all of that, almost two million people visit Slovakia every year.

The Danube in Slovakia runs for 172 km, along silhoutes of old towns and other monument relics of the old times.

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