In addition to personal travel luggage, limited non-commercial quantities of goods may be brought into Hungary duty free:

·Alcohol – 1 litre of high proof spirits, 4 litres of wine and 16 litres of beer (applicable to passengers over the age of 17 only) in case of arriving by air

·200 cigarettes, or 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars, or 250 g of tobacco (applicable to passengers over the age of 17 only) in case of arriving by air

·500g Coffee, 100 g tea and other spices – up to 1 kg each (except paprika & its mixtures).

·Customs duty does not apply if the total value of the goods, in addition to the personal travel luggage, does not exceed 430 Euros in case of air travel and 300 Euros in case of land and water travel

·Electronics: photo camera, non-professional video camera, laptop computer, portable typewriter, portable musical equipment with the necessary accessories - such as disks, records, photographic films up to 10 rolls.

More information on customs regulations

Accompanying pets must have a health and vaccination certificate, or the so called pet passport, dated no more than one week prior to arrival, or a unique identification (tattoo or microchip) in the pet's body.

To download the pet passport, pleaseclick here.

Passengers entering or leaving the European Union, carrying EUR 10,000 or more in cash (even if in different currencies), or any equivalent instruments (such as securities, bonds, shares, traveller's checks etc.), must file a written declaration. You can download the declaration from the following website:

Taxation and Customs Union

Such declaration shall be made at, or presented to the customs authority, upon entering or leaving the European Union.

If you have questions regarding custom regulations, please contact the Hungarian Customs and Finance Office.


Website: Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard

Non-commercial quantities of items purchased or received are not subject to custom duties in Hungary, but might be subject to the custom fees and regulations of the destination country.

Non-resident travellers may apply for a refund of up to 25% of the general sales tax (AFA) on goods purchased in Hungary, with the exception of works of art, collections and antiques, under the following conditions:

·The total value of the goods on one original invoice, including AFA, must exceed 50,000 Ft.

·Not more than 90 days may elapse between the time of purchase and the time of export.

The goods must be taken out of the country unused, in their original packaging.

Need more information?

Please contact: Global Refund in Hungary

Phone: (36-1) 411 0157


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