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Franz Liszt International Airport Budapest

Information: +36-1-296-9696

All passanger flights arrive to and depart from Terminal 2. Terminal 1 is only for private jets and cargo planes. Official page of Budapest Airport.

Connection between Budapest Airport and downtown

Public Transport

Buses (service No. 200E) run from the Kõbánya-Kispest terminus, metro line 3, to/from Budapest Airport and Terminal 2, every 15 minutes during the day.


Passengers can easily reach Budapest Airport Terminal 2 from the Western Railway Station in Budapest.

Click for the timetable.


The journey takes between half an hour and an hour by car. The official contractor of the Budapest Airport is the Főtaxi. You can order a cab at their desk in the airport for fixed, reasonable prices. Or, if you order a cab by phone, most companies offer a fixed price of around 3 800–6 500 HUF, depending on whether your destination is on the Pest or Buda side of the river. However, nowadays it is rare, but still be aware that there is a risk of being overcharged by unscrupulous drivers if you simply hail a taxi. Where possible, always telephone to order a cab and agree a fare for the journey.

Airport Shuttle

If you are travelling on your own, it is cheaper to use the Airport Shuttle service, which has a desk at the airport. Tickets can be purchased at the arrival customs area or at the LRI Airport Passenger Service desk in the waiting area.

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  • Bus (cities with central bus stations)
  • Train (cities with central railway stations)

Buses, coaches, trains, stations, schedule, vintage trains, narrow gauge trains.


Volánbusz operates 500 domestic distance coaches to 100 cities of the country daily, creating a direct link between many European countries and the most important regions and resorts of the country and Budapest. During the day there are coaches in every hour or more often in the direction of Eger, Salgótarján, Gyöngyös, Jászberény, Kecskemét, Székesfehérvár, Veszprém, Tatabánya and Győr, many lines go to the Mátra, the great plain, lake Balaton or other destinations.

Check Volánbusz schedule.


The largest transport service provider in Hungary, the MÁV-Start Zrt (MÁV), which has been operating for 160 years already, carries more than 150 million passengers year to year to any destinations chosen by them.

If you wish to go for a swim in the" Hungarian Sea", Lake Balaton, or get the real taste of the life on the Great Plain in Hortobágy, the Puszta, or admire the beauty of the National Historical Memorial Park at Ópusztaszer, where you can observe the legendary panorama painting of Árpád Feszty; we are always there for your service. Train tickets can be bought

·at the railway stations and railway ticket offices in Budapest and the countryside;


·by your mobile phone.

Railway information, schedule.

Nostalgia Trains

Nostalgia trips by renovated, old-fashioned trains, evoking the atmosphere of the turn of the century, can be taken in the Budapest area.

Information on nostalgia trips is available at the offices ofMÁV Nosztalgia Ltd.

Scheduled Vintage Trains In Hungary

Trips to the Danube Bend From 24 April through 2 October, a steam-hauled vintage train departs every Saturday at 9.40 from Budapest's Nyugati Station. Alternate weeks it goes to the picturesque Szob, on the East Bank of the Danube, or to Esztergom, Hungary's capital in early medieval times.

Along the Northern shore of Lake Balaton From 22 June through 21 August, every day except Sundays and Mondays, a steam-hauled vintage train departs from Keszthely to Badacsony.

Optional excursion: A ride in horse-drawn coaches, wine-tasting and lunch in Badacsony.

Information on Scheduled Vintage Trains In Hungary is available at the offices ofMÁV Nosztalgia Ltd.

Narrow Gauge Trains

Railway transportation is popular all over the world, and narrow gauge railways have an increasing role to play in many countries. There are several light railway lines in Hungary, chiefly f or the purposes of tourism and hiking.

There are more than 20 small gauge trains, most running from May to September.

For information on narrow gauge trains, please contactTOURINFORM Offices.

MÁV-Start Zrt. Széchenyi-hegyi Children's Train

Children's Train is very popular among the children of Budapest and those visiting the capital. It is 11.2 kilometres long. What makes it special is that children between the ages of 10 and 14 do all the work except, of course, for the jobs of engineer and station master. There are six stops between the two terminals, each leading to popular hiking destinations in the Buda Hills.

Travel by trains with Eurail

For more possibilities to travel by train in Hungary click here:eurail.com

Get your Eurail Hungary Pass for non-European passangers or InterRail Hungary Pass for European passangers to travel without boundaries. Click here for the passes:eurail.com/hungarypass

  • Car (name the highways down the Danube)

Driving licence info, motorways, roads, fees, fines, restrictions, parking, car rental, taxi companies.

Required Documents for car driving

- Driving license: When operating a motor vehicle, citizens of the European Union and countries that had signed the Vienna Convention on Public Roads, can use their national driver's licenses, all others are required to have an international license. Foreign driving licences are valid for one year after entry.

- Liability insurance (Insurance can be taken out at the appointed insurance companies) and Green card: Liability insurance is mandatory in Hungary. For vehicles from countries that are members of license plate agreements, the plate and country sticker is acceptable as proof of valid insurance. Citizens of all other countries must present a green card. Without the green card, the owner is required to taken out an insurance at the border before entering the country. Please check the membership of your country when you plan your journey.

- Car registration document

- Country sticker

After the expiry of a residence permit, all vehicles must be taken out of the country!

Border crossings

Border corssings and waiting times. Click Here!

M1: Budapest – Hegyeshalom

M15: Hegyeshalom – Rajka

M3: Budapest – Nyíregyháza

M5: Budapest – Röszke

M6: Budapest – Pécs

M7: Budapest - Balatonkeresztúr and Sormás - Letenye (15 km section)

Motorways are toll pay motorways and can be used with prepayed vignettes. Vignettes can be purchased at bigger filling stations and at bigger post offices.

Fees for motorcycles, and motor vehicles with a maximum total permissible weight of 3.5 tons, including any trailers : 10-day vignette: 2 975 HUF, 31-day vignette: 4 780 HUF, 1-year vignette: 42 980 HUF (valid from January, 2012)

Note that vignette today is only the name of the licence of using the motorways. You get an invoice you have to keep for one year. Your car's licence number will be registered in the system, and the control on the motorway also goes fully digitally.

For motorways, other fees, toll-free sections, interactive map click here!

Emergency Service

Emergency telephone boxes are placed every 2 kilometres on the M1, M5 and M7 motorways and on motor-road '5' where non-stop assistance is available.

The phone number of the Emergency Service is 188 throughout the country.

Traffic Fines

Police may assess fines from 30 000 HUF up to 300 000 HUF. The fines have got to be paid later by cheque. In the case of major offences, police may revoke driving licences on the spot.

Important! The blood-alcohol level permitted in Hungary is 0.00%.


Pay Car Parks in Budapest

Drivers have got to pay for parking in the inner districts of Budapest. Tickets can be bought for a maximum of 2 hours in the slot-machines (ticket machines) on the streets. Cars aren't guarded in these parking places.

Parking fees: 160-640 HUF/hour (based on the zone). Given that the machines take coins, it is worth keeping 50 and 100 HUF coins for this purpose.

Cars will be clamped if no parking fee has been paid or the period paid for has expired.

During sightseeing excursions, passenger cars and buses are allowed to park free of charge in the major tourist centres (e.g., the Citadel, Heroes Square, Városliget (City Park). There are parking lots for buses at Belgrád rakpart (lower rakpart, wharf), in Duna Street near Erzsébet Square.

Car Rental

The well-known multinational car-rental companies have agencies and offices in Budapest. The following home-pages provide information on price, availability and rental conditions: ABLE Rent-A-Car | AutoGlobalRent | Avalon Rent | Avis | Bér-Lett Rent | Budapest Limousine Service | Budget | Capitol City | Europcar | Hertz | ISA Rent a Car | Limousine Service Hungary | Regina Rent-a-car | Sixt | Toyota Strasszer | Yes Autorent


If you are not familiar with the city, it is easiest to get around by a taxi cab. In Budapest these vehicles are equipped with yellow number plates and usually have a yellow "TAXI" sign on the roof. All cabs must be equipped with a meter. The meter should be turned on while travelling and the driver should provide you with a receipt showing the exact fare upon arrival to your destination. Főtaxi offers transfer services from Budapest Ferihegy Airport on a zone-based fare to the city. +36-1-2-22-2222 Pre-ordered cabs offer lower rates than those hailed on the street. The taxi companies assume full responsibility for their employees. Phone orders are handled 24 hours a day by call-centre attendants speaking foreign languages. Never hail a cab on the street! Call one of the following companies!

Budapest Taxi +36-1-4-333-333

City Taxi +36-1-2-111-111

Mobil Taxi +36-1-333-2222

Radio Taxi +36-1-7-777-777

Taxi 2000.hu +36-1-2-000-000

Zóna Taxi +36-1-365-55-55

  • Boat (name the ports on the Danube)

Ship cruises, sight seeing ships, sailing boats, ferryboats, yachts, river cruises, harbours and marinas.

International Lines

A Hydrofoil runs on the Danube, connecting Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna in both directions.

Domestic Lines

Regular lines connect Budapest with resorts along the Danube Bend in northern Hungary.

Schedule and rates.

River Cruises

Several companies offer river cruises along various parts of the Danube. Sightseeing Cruises organised by MAHART Passnaveand Legenda Ltd.

Yacht Harbours on the Danube

Neszmély, Esztergom, Nagymaros, Szentendre, Budapest, Budafok-Háros

For more information click here.

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