Ciklo Svet Srbija - Vojvodina to Zlatibor Region

445 km of inspiring tour that will introduce you with traditional Serbian cuisine, important cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes that are connecting Vojvodina and Central Serbia....

City: Belgrade

Country: Serbia

Ciklo Svet Srbija - Vojvodina to Zlatibor Region

Day 1 - 73 km: ethno complex 'Tiganjica', including mini zoo, in Zrenjanin 10 city bridges on Begej river.

Day 2 - 93 km: enjoy the Panonian plate, visiting castle Dundjerski.

Day 3 - 81 km: riding through Fruska Gora mountains, visiting rustic Vine basements, Karlovac gymnasium, city of Ruma, ending in city of Sabac.

Day 4 - 123 km: Sabac fortress, village of roses Lipolist, spa center Koviljaca, ethno village Trsic.

Day 5 - 75 km: canyon of Ljubovidja river, ethno village of Kremna, Mecavnik, wooden city, nature park Sargan.

Overall range is 445 kilometres, daily average is 89 kilometres. Accomodation will be in hostels, hotels, motels and private vilas during the holiday. All rooms have 2-3 beds, including evening and morning meals.


Ivan Puja
Tel: +381 11 20 30 117
Mob: +381 63 88 11 036

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