6 Bridges of Sava Kayak Tour

Enjoy in 3 hours kayak ride and explore Belgrade's bridges on Sava in fun and interactive manner. Serbian writer and Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric wrote about bridges:[br/] [br/] "In everything that man pushes by his vital instinct, builds and raises, nothing is more beautiful or more preci...

City: Belgrade

Country: Serbia

6 Bridges of Sava Kayak Tour

In this tour, you can:

learn about Belgrade's history and it's architectual heritage...
learn basics of kayak skills
explore Capital from different and active perspective
enjoy in pleasure and leasure time on river(don't get on sun burns :-))

You will see:

6 Bridges of Sava: Most na Adi ("Ada Bridge") Novi železnički most ("new railroad bridge") over Sava — a cable-stayed bridge built in 1979. Stari železnički most ("old railroad bridge") over Sava — a truss-bridge. Gazela Bridge — a single span motorway bridge over Sava, the main traffic artery into the city. Stari savski most ("old Sava bridge") and Brankov most ("Branko's bridge")
Kalemegdan fortress and old city core
Night clubs in daily light

Trip overview:

Destination: Sava River, Belgrade, Capital of Serbia

Duration: 3 hours

Activities: Kayaking


Tour can be organised from April 1st till November 1st. This tour is organised for groups and individuals as private group.

Please be free to choose your depart time.

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