Hiking tour: NP Djerdap - Miroc

Three day tour in Djerdap Region that will give you the opportunity to discover all beauties of the Danube in this part of its flow. ...

City: Djerdap

Country: Serbia

Hiking tour: NP Djerdap - Miroc


1. Day - 10.04.2015, Friday

08:00 Starting with rented car from the Municipality New Belgrade and then traveling  through Požarevac to Lepenski Vir. Hiking tour across the ridge Čoka Njalta above the locality with gorgeous view on the Danube. We will also pass a part of Boljetin river canyon.

Track length is 15km while altitude difference from the starting and last point is 600m.

After the tour we will visit the locality Lepenski Vir that dates back from the period of neolith, while overnight is reserved for Donji Milanovac or Crnajka.

2. Day - 11.04.2015, Saturday

08.00 Heading to Miroč (15 km transportation by car) climb to the peak Veliki Štrbac (787m) and further to the lookout Ploče where nearby facilities of NP Djerdap are located.

Track length is around 18km and altitude difference between starting and last point is 800m.

There is an option to climb on the peak Mali Štrbac.

Return to the accommodation and overnight.

3.Day - 12.04. 2014. Sunday

 09:00 Transfer to Belgrade and visiting lookout Kapetan Mišin Breg (above Danube) with possibility to visit Silver Lake. 

Arrival to Belgrade around 17h.



  1. Difficulity of tour: easy to moderate
  2. Accommodation will be in apartments or rooms (1/2, 1/3, rooms and shared bathroom)
  3. Some changes comparing to the initial program are possible, for example, due to the weather conditions etc.
  4. Cost of the tour is 4500,00 RSD (accommodation, transportation and guidance), while application are accepted with accontation of 2500,00 RSD
  5. Size of the group needs to be between 12 and 16 participants.
  6. Organisation of the meals is quite flexible. Participants can bring their own meals, eat in local restaurants or make their own food righ on the spot - in the kitchen of the place where we will be accomodated. 


Zoran Filipović - mobile: +381 64 356 50 61+381 64 356 50 61
e-mail:  zorf@open.telekom.rs

Vlada Radivojević: +381 63.735.74.63+381 63.735.74.63

Official website of the hiking club:
PK «Železničar» BeogradFree via Skype

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