Following Sultan trails, program for hiking in Vojvodina

"Suleiman the Magnificent, sultan of the Ottoman Empire, made the trip from Istanbul to Vienna for the first time in 1529, and again in 1532. Both times he didn't succeed in penetrating the city of Vienna. Contrary to its past the Sultan Trail nowadays forms a path of peace, a meeting place for...

City: Novi Sad

Country: Serbia

Following Sultan trails, program for hiking in Vojvodina

Day 1. Belgrade-Bezdan (D) (approx. 180 km)
Arrival in Belgrade airport. Meeting your local guide and transfer to Bački Breg, our first walking station. Accommodation in Bački Breg. Dinner in your accommodation. Overnight stay.

Day 2. Bački Breg - Bački Monoštor (BD)
Breakfast. Walking tour will start. Hiking from Bački Breg to Bački Monoštor (approx. 15km). Lunch package. Arrival in Bački Monoštor, accommodation in private apartments. Dinner in Bački Monoštor. Overnight stay.

Day 3. Bački Monoštor - Sombor (BD)
Breakfast in Bački Monoštor. Hiking from Bački Monoštor to Sombor. Lunch package. Accommodation in Sombor in private villas. Dinner in local restaurant. Overnight stay. 

Day 4. Sombor - Apatin or Banja junaković (BD)
Breakfast in Sombor. Hiking from Sombor to Apatin. Lunch package. Arrival in Apatin, accommodation in private villas and dinner in local restaurant. Overnight stay.

Day 5. Apatin - Svilojevo - Sonta - Bogojevo or Karavukovo  (BD)
Breakfast in Apatin. Hiking from Apatin through Svilejovo and Sonta to Bogojevo. Lunch package. Arrival in Karavukovo, accommodation and dinner. Overnight stay.

Day 6. Karavukovo - Deronje (BD)
Breakfast in Karavukovo. Transfer from Karavukovo to Bogojevo on starting point. Hiking from Bogojevo to Deronje. Dinner in ethno house in Deronje. B&B deronje.

Day 7. Deronje - Bač - Bačka Palanka (BLD)
Breakfast in Deronje. Hiking from Deronje to Bač. It is too short distance from Deronje to Bač. Sightseeing of Bač - Francisian monastery, Fortress and short meeting with major if this would be possible. Small lunch in ethno house in Bač. Continue walking into direction of Mladenovo where mini van will pick you up and transfer you to Bačka Palanka. Dinner and accommodation in Bačka Palanka. Overnight stay.

Day 8. Bačka Palanka - Neštin (BD)
Breakfast in Bačka Palanka. Hiking from Bačka Palanka to Neštin. Lunch pakket. Dinner in your accommodation in Neštin. B&B Neštin in two different houses (on this day you need to take passport with you because you will cross four bordees - two Serbian and two Croatian).

Day 9. Neštin - Banoštor (BD)
Breakfast in Neštin. Hiking from Neštin to Banoštor. Lunch package. Arrival in Banoštor, accommodation in private houses and dinner in local restaurant. Overnight stay.

Day 10. Banoštor - Stari Ledinci (BD)
Breakfast in Banoštor. Hiking from Banoštor to Stari Ledinci, village on Fruška gora mountain. Lunch package. Arrival in Stari Ledinci, accommodation in private household. Dinner and overnight.

Day 11. Stari Ledinci - Sremska Kamenica - Novi Sad (BD)
Breakfast in Stari Ledinci. Hiking through Fruška gora mountain. Lunch package. Transfer by mini van to Novi Sad. Accommodation in hotel or private apartments. Dinner in local restaurant. Overnight stay.

Day 12. Novi Sad - Sremski Karlovci (BD)
Breakfast in Novi Sad. Hiking from Novi Sad to Sremski Karlovci. Lunch package. Arrival in Sremski Karlovci, accommodation in private villa. Dinner in local restaurant. Overnight stay.

Day 13. Sremski Karlovci - Irig (BD)
Breakfast in Sremski Karlovci. Hiking from Sremski Karlovci to Šatrinci. Lunch in Krušedol. From Šatrinci to Irig transfer by mini van. In Irig you will have accommodation and dinner.

Day 14. Irig - Šatrinci - Golubinci - Krčedin (BD)
Breakfast in Irig. Transfer from Irig to Šatrinci on your starting point. Hiking from Šatrinci to Golubinci. Lunch package. Dinner in Golubinci. Transfer to Krčedin for your accommodation. 

Day 15. Krčedin - Novi Banovci (BD)
After breakfast continue from Krčedin to Novi Karlovci. Lunch package. Transfer to Novi Banovci by mini van. Dinner and accommodation in Novi Banovci.

Day 16. Novi Banovci - Zemun (BD)

Breakfast in Novi Banovci. Hiking from Novi Banovci to Zemun. Accommodation on boat hostel in Zemun. Lunch in local restaurant in Zemun. Free time. Dinner in locl restaurant in Zemun. Overnight stay.

Day 17. Zemun - Belgrade (BD)

Breakfast at hostel. Transfer by public bus or by walk to Belgrade. Sightseeing tour of Belgrade with most significant sites (Kalemegdan Fortress, Kalemegdan Park, St. Sava Temple...). After sightseeing tour, free time. In the evening tours, dinner in local restaurant in bohemian part of the city, called Skadarlija. After dinner, return to Zemun. Overnight stay.

Day 18. Belgrade (B)

Breakfast in Zemun. Transfer to the airport for your flight back home. End of the tour.

Price per person in EUR in double room: 745 eur

For minimum 15 persons

Price includes:

-Transfer (day 1 - Belgrade - Bački Breg, day 5 Bogojevo - Karavukovo, day 6 Karavukovo - Bogojevo, day 7 Bač - Bačka Palanka, day 10 Fruška gora - Stari Ledinci, day 11 Sremska Kamenica - Novi Sad, day 13 Šatrinci - Irig, day 14 Golubinci - Krčedin, day 15 Novi Karlovci - Novi Banovci, day 18 Zemun - airport and every day transfer of your luggage)

-Accommodation in private villas or private ethno houses (Bački Breg, Bački Monoštor, Sombor, Banja Junaković or Apatin, Karavukovo, Deronje, Bačka Palanka, Neštin, Banoštor, Stari Ledinci, Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci, Irig, Krčedin, Novi Banovci, Zemun)

-17x dinners

-14x lunch packages

-1x lunch in Bač

-Local guide

Price doesn't includes:

-Flight to/from Belgrade

-Drinks during meals

-Other costs not mentioned in the program



Magelan Corporation

Zmaj Jovina 23

21000 Novi Sad



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