Danube Delta & Black Sea in a Stay 4d/3n in Crisan guesthouse, 2 trips included

A special offer, by DiscoverDanubeDelta.com, a new program for 2013, Danube Delta and the Black Sea in one stay. We have a full day of Danube Delta and a day on the beach, swimming in the sea and a visit in the Sulina town. ...

City: Mila 23 Village

Country: Romania

Stay 4 days and 3 nights in the Danube Delta, 2 excursions included in the price! A day trip on the lakes and canals specific to the wildest areas of the Danube Delta, Matita, Merhei and Lung lakes and the channels between them. The second trip, also a day trip, to Sulina, where we visit the Lighthouse, The City of Sulina Museum (Jean Bart), we see the old churches Orthodox and Greek Orthodox, the Cathedral of Sulina then go to the beach to cool down with a swim in the Black Sea.

crisan accommodation danube deltaA program only available for July and August 2013!

Boats for trips are open boats, highly secure, stable, with a guide (not a simple boatman). The guide is a great connoisseur of these places, of the birds and nature in the Danube Delta, a very passionate of Danube Delta. A trip with a great guide in Danube Delta is a service that very few people can provide it the quality  we do.

Gasoline for trips in the Danube Delta is included. There will not be other surprises on the spot.
danube delta view
A program proposal looks like this:

Day 1 - We expect you in the passenger ship (ferry)  station in Crisan Village (schedule of passenger ships on the route Tulcea - Crisan - Sulina) and lead you home. In the evening we have prepared a traditional fishermen meal (if there is people who do not eat fish, please notify this when booking).

Day 2 -  After breakfast (8:00 am) we start the trip on lakes (9:00). We take 2 boat trips today, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, each trip is about 4 hours. We'll see the lakes around Crisan Village. Depending on the Danube water levels and on the fresh information that we have about the places where large groups of birds are feeding, will choose the best route every day.

danube delta pelicansAt 13:00 back to lunch, eat, relax a little and then at 16:00 go out on the water again on another route which will include sunset, seen from the boat. After sunset we return for dinner.

Day 3 - After breakfast (8:00 am) we depart downstream on the Danube (9:00) to Sulina. We stop the boat in the Port stop and we go see (on the outside) the Orthodox and the Greek Orthodox Old Church, then go easy on the promenade to the Cathedral, if it is opened, we go in to visit and then we walk along the Lower Danube Commission's Palace and visit The Lighthouse of Jean Bart which is also the Sulina City Museum. These visits may not take more than 2 hours so around 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m we reach the beach. Take a bath and then eat at a bar on the beach. We have in the menu fried anchovy + lemon and garlic souce and  another dish on your choice from the menu list of the terrace (lunch included in the price). At 19:30 is the meeting to the boat and we go back to Crisan where we expect a good fish based dinner.

danube delta boat tourDay 4 - Breakfast and transfer the passenger ship station.

Accommodation in Crisan, Delta

It is done in a guest house (Farmhouses) of 3 flowers (daisies). It is a small house, with only 6 rooms, quiet, located right on the Danube shore. Customers are selected carefully and the way everything is calm and quiet.

You'll will stay in double rooms with private bathroom. The bathrooms are not very big but ensure minimum comfort.

sulina cathedralWe can eat in the dining room or outside in the courtyard when the weather allows. The host is cooking great, especially fresh fish, fished on that day, with vegetables and eggs from their own farm. Do not forget that this is the cleanest area in Romania, away from any industrial activity. For those who do not eat fish, we can provide a different dish or vegetarian menus if announced in advance (you have a special field in the reservation request module).

Because it is a small pension, meals are served on board, ie cook the same thing for everyone, of course after prior discussion with tourists. So if they make a fish soup, you can not order chicken or beef when you sit at the table.

Trips in Danube Delta

Boat trips are made with an open boat, very safe, stable, up to 8 or 16 people with GUIDE (not just a boatman). The guide has very good knowledge of these places, birds and nature in the Danube Delta. A trip with a good guide Delta is a service that only very few can provide it to the same quality we do.
on the beach
The speed is very low, we are specialized in slow excursion, for visiting Danube Delta, not speed-transport. We drive our boats at average speed of about 10 km/h and will stop to all points of interest for enjoying the wonderful landscapes, for some photos of flora and fauna of the Danube Delta.

The trip on the lakes - takes about 8 hours, depending on weather conditions or your resistance in the boat. Includes boat, guide, gasoline for the trip. We can do it in one trip or 2 trips, morning and evening.

Trip to Sulina - It takes one day, we go to Sulina on the Danube, on Sulina branch. The drive to Sulina City takes about an hour, an hour and a half and stop in the city marina. From there we walk a bit to see churches, the Cathedral, AFDJ Palace and Lighthouse. Then we take the bus to take to Sulina beach.

PS: Optional we can visit the Cemetery in Sulina but this is not a must because it is very hot and may people can't hold for a walk in the heat of midday in the Cemetery.
sulina beach
Includes: Boat adapt the number of people in the group, guide, boat fuel and public transport bus to the beach and back, visiting the lighthouse fee.

The price of this program is:

150 euro / person Monday to Thursday


160 euro / person from Thursday to Sunday

danube delta mealsPrice is in euro (EUR), per person and include VAT.

The price includes:

  •         Accommodation in 3 flowers guesthouse, in double room
  •         Meals (3 full board - breakfast + lunch + dinner)
  •         8 hour trip in the Danube Delta (Lakes)
  •         Trip to Sulina, including visiting the Lighthousefee and bus transport to the beach and back.
  •         Danube Delta permit fees imposed by the authorities (DDBRA), you should take in Tulcea. For bookings at least 7 days before arrival we can take care of buying permits. Simply tell us the name and home town of each one in the group.

sulina pelicansPrice does not include:

  •     Transport Tulcea - Crisan and return
  •     Drinks


  •     kayak tours, on chanels behind the guesthouse (very quiet places) - 12 euro/pers/3hours
  •     lunch on the first or last day - 9 euro / person
  •     transport Tulcea - Crisan (25 euro / person / way, minimum 4 people)

danube deltaChildren Policy  

  •         Children up to 6 years are free, such as accommodation and meals and excursions.
  •         Children between 6 and 12 years who will sleep in the same room with parents will pay an additional of 45 euro.
  •         Children who are in the same room with parents are not calculated to the total number of people in the group.
  •         Number of children shall not exceed the number of adults.
  •         Responsibility of supervision of children during boat transfers and excursions is exclusive for parents.
  •         All children will wear life jackets, required so long as they are in the boat (we provide the life jackets).

The groups are as follows:

Time Available Places Prrice / pers
Group 1 July 15 - 18 12


Group 2 July 25 - 28


Group 3

August 5 - 8



Group 4

August 8 - 11



Group 5

August 19 - 22

12 160
Group 6

August 22 - 25



boat tours danube deltaContact:

Email:      contact@descoperadeltadunarii.ro | tel: +40 740 357 073 | +40 732 805 143


Reservation is based on an advance payment of 10%. On reservation request please specify the group you want to come (group number and date).

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