Tetyana Grytsay

Glass painting artist....

City: Odessa

Country: Ukraine

TETYANA GRYTSAY (09.12.1968; Kyiv) – one of the most expressive Ukrainian masters of decorative painting on glass and stained glass painting (panels). Was educated at Lviv Academy of Art (1995; teacher A. Bokotey). Since 1998 worked as an art teacher at Kyiv school of Art №5. 2000 – methodologist at the Central Board of Culture and Art in Kyiv. 2004 – Present – teaches drawing, painting, glass panels at Salvador Dali Institute of Art Modeling and Design, Kyiv.

Participant of international, Ukrainian and regional art exhibitions since 1992.

Personal Art exhibitions – 1998-99, 2002, 2004.

Her artworks are stored in the Museum of History of Kyiv, Art Centre “Dzyga” in Lviv, private collections of Ukraine, Canada, Germany and Italy.

Works: “The one who measures time”, “Salvation”, “Jealousy” (1995);

“Chernobyl” (1996);

“Birds will come back”, “Winter song” (1998);

“Kateryna”, “Coffee for two”, “Joy and grief”, “An apple of seduction” (1999),

“A Slavic girl”, “Navigate, my boat, navigate” (2001);

a panel “Rich in wisdom parental home’ (2002);

“First Snow”, “A beggar” (2004);

“The Sunset”, “Calmness” (2008);

“Ukrainian uzvar/compote” (2009);

“Kalachyky”, “Different World” (2010)

“Velykden ” (2014).

Articles: N.Belichenko “The tree of Life”//BV.1996.№3;

P.Ganzha “From Trypillians to Modernism”//OM.1998.№1;

N.Bilous “The most important thing in an artistic work is harmony”//Kizh.2002, Febr.6;

Encyclopedia of modern Ukraine”, volume №6, p.2007, 478/2006;

Biographical guide book “Artists of Ukraine”, edition №5, art.44, 2008:

Catalogue of Salvador Dali Institute’s exhibition //2009, Kyiv.


E-Mail: missis.gta2011@yandex.ru
Tel.: 097 236 60 57, 050 710 51 35

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