Fishing in the Danube Delta

Wild Danube S. A. offers Danube delta cruises (up to 10 days) and excursions, and accommodation on two boats ...

City: Tulcea

Country: Romania

Wild Danube S. A. offers Danube delta cruises (up to 10 days) and excursions, and accommodation on two boats. The tour operator also specialises in bird watching and fishing (pike, carp, pikeperch, cat fish) in the Danube delta. Also team building (incentives).

Schedules Visiting the Danube Delta, you may choose our special programmes suitable for all nature lovers, coming either individually or in smaller groups for a short vacation. The programme consists of accommodation and trips by motor boats to exciting locations in the Danube delta. You can discover the charm and warmth of nature's glorious shows, available only for the privileged.

Our standard package is based on 3 days, 2 nights accommodation on our floating hotel, anchored near a small delta village named Uzlina. Full board and trips by motor boats to canals and lakes with the simple aim of admiring the birds and plants. For an optional full programme, please read



Fishing in the Danube Delta

Proposed programme:

Day 1: Arrival in Murighiol (our starting point, some 40km from the capital of Tulcea County) – meeting on arrival. Transfer by motor boat from Murighiol to the floating hotel - Anastasia. Boarding and check-in. Welcome dinner.

Day 2: Breakfast and embarking on motor boats. You will find your lunch and mineral water in the freezer boxes as the excursion lasts up to 8 hours. We will navigate first on St. Gheorghe branch and then on the most picturesque route in the delta – Dranov channel, heading towards the border between the Danube delta and the Black Sea, to Perisor. The sun rises from the Black Sea and sets in the delta. Wilderness and beauty, beaches and sand banks, white and yellow water-lilies, willows, roots, floating reed islets, canals and lakes, wild boars and wild hogs, sturgeons and pikes, pelican and cormorant colonies, seagulls and white egrets, silence and relaxation. In one word - fascinating. After our visit to the pelican and cormorant colonies, you will enjoy your packed lunch on a deserted beach before a swim in the sea. At dusk we will return to Anastasia, the floating hotel, where you will taste a genuine fishermen’s dinner.

Day 3: Breakfast and boarding the motor boats. Today we will pay a visit to the Uzlina area and lakes Taranova, Gorgostel, Chiril, Isaac, Dubcova and many others from a large necklace of lakes that are always a resting or feeding place for colonies of swans, cormorants and pelicans. We will observe how the fish are shared between fishermen and birds. After visiting some traditional fishing settlements we will return to the floating hotel. After lunch we will escort you to Murighiol and say farewell.


Danube water level


Live fishing baits (Tulcea rond)

Contact: Gabi, Tel. +40 745 033775

Pike fishing

areas: Perisor, Holbina, Dranov, Periteasca
areas: Uzlina, Isaac, Pojarnia, Onofrei, Chiril, Militarova, Cuibeda, Taranova, Dubcova, Perisor
Carp fishing
area: Sf. Gheorghe branch, Belciug area (km. 29 - 44)
area: Uzlina
Pikeperch (Zander) fishing
area: Sf. Gheorghe branch, Belciug area (km. 29 - 44)
area: Uzlina
Catfish fishing
area: Sf. Gheorghe branch, Belciug area ( km. 29 - 44)
area: Uzlina

You must have with you:

No special items required. Necessary: Fishing licence, ticket for the Biosphere Reserve Danube Delta


Transport of luggage during an organized tour.


Floating hotel.



Accommodation prices in Danube Delta (V.A.T included)
Full board accommodation
3 days/2 nights stay - 90 EUR /pers.
4 days/3 nights stay - 140 EUR /pers.
5 days/4 nights stay - 185 EUR /pers.
6 days/5 nights stay - 225 EUR /pers.
2. For single accommodation the fare is marked up by 30%
3. Boat and boatman:
9.9 HP, 15 HP - 50 EUR/day/boat
Fast boat 60 or 70 HP - 100 EUR/day/boat
fuel consumption will be added.
4. Transfer from Murighiol to Uzlina and vice versa:
15 EUR/pers.
5. Cruises prices (VAT included)
The floating hotels will cruise only for groups of minimum 10 persons.
1,450 EUR/day/group of 10-16 persons (one floating hotel)
1,400 EUR/day/group of 22-70 persons (2,3 or 4 floating hotels)
1,300 EUR/day/group with stay of more than 4 nights
Prices include accommodation, full board, movement of the floating hotel, excursions by motor boats and boat transfers from shore to the floating hotel.
400 EUR/day - Rent at capacity (accommodation only) price.
The price includes:
See price list above.

Price does not include:

See price list above; flights to/from Danube Delta/Romania.


Bring your own fishing equipment, if desired and possible.


See contact.


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