Fishing in the Danube Delta - Finesse Danube Delta Tours S.R.L. (Romania)

Leisure holidays in a floating hotel and boat cruising in the Romanian Danube delta, fishing and bird-watching parties on the same spot....

City: Tulcea

Country: Romania


The company’s motto “In nature we trust” is programmatic: Finesse offers relaxing stays on the “FLOTEL” with enchanting fishing and bird-watching trips.


(see also

Relax on the floating hotel named FLOTEL (see “boat”).

Be part of Big Game fishing parties:

These programmes are for those interested in capturing big trophies in the Danube delta. Service is provided according to seasons and lows: for pike (Jul to Dec, trophies up to 12 – 15 kg), pikeperch (Jun to Sep, trophies up to 10 – 12 kg), carp (Jul – Sep, up to 20 kg), and catfish (Apr, Jul to Oct, 50 – 80 kg).

You must have with you:

No special items required.


Luggage on board.


FLOTEL: 10 sleeping cabins, full air conditioning with 2 berths each and private bathrooms (toilet, washing sink, shower cabin), TV in every cabin.
- Restaurant (60m²) full air conditioning, shaded terrace (40m²).
- Cabins for the personnel, special storage-room for fishing gear, guns and ammunition. Food will be prepared in the spacious kitchen (20m²).
- The first floor restaurant, bar and kitchen have sound and thermal insulation, as do the sleeping cabins.
- Hot/cold running water, heating, air conditioning, electric generator (25KVA).


On board of FLOTEL.


Not given, please contact Finesse for details.

The price includes:

Not given, please contact Finesse for details.

Price does not include:

Not given, please contact Finesse for details.


Additional bird-watching tours.


See contact.


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