The Roman Forum in Zadar

The Roman Forum in Zadar is a municipal square from the Roman era, built from the 1st century BC to the 3rd century AD, 45 by 90 metres in size. ...

City: Croatia in general

Country: Croatia


Southern Croatia, North Dalmatia: GPS N 44°6`53.7618” E 15°13`44.2266” (Zadar), N 44°14`36.654” E 15°11`2.8602” (Nin)


Tourist Information Centre Zadar
Mihovila Klaića 1, 23000 Zadar, Croatia
phone: +385 23 316166

Archeological Museum Zadar
Trg opatice Čike 1, 23000 Zadar, Croatia
phone: +385 23 250516

Hours: Jul–Aug: 9.00–22.00 (daily), June & Sep: 9.00–21.00 (daily), May:

Mon–Sat 9.00–19.00, Apr: Mon–Sat 9.00–17.00, Oct: Mon–Sat 9.00–15.00, Nov–Mar: Mon–Fri 9.00–14.00, Sat 9.00–13.00, Sun: closed

Muzej antičkog stakla (Museum of Ancient Glass)
Poljana Zemaljskog odbora 1, 23000 Zadar,Croatia
phone: +385 23 363833

Hours: 16 Jun–Sep 9.00–21.00 (daily), Oct–Apr: Mon–Sat 9.00–16.00, Sun: closed, May–15 Jun: Mon–Sat 9.00–19.00, Sun: closed

Attraction is opened all year round. There is no tourist/entrance fee.

Tourist Office Nin
Trg braće Radić 3, 23232 Nin, Croatia
phone:+385 23 26524777

Museum of Nin Antiquities
Trg Kraljevac 8, 23232 Nin
phone: +385 23 264726

Hours:July–Aug: 9.00–22.00 (daily), June & Sep: 9.00–21.00 (daily), May: Mon–Sat 9.00–19.00, Apr: Mon–Sat 9.00–17.00, Oct: Mon–Sat 9.00–15.00, Nov–Mar: Mon–Fri 9.00–14.00, Sat: 9.00–13.00, Sun: closed

Attraction is opened all year round. There is no tourist/entrance fee.

Infrastructure in Zadar:

Attraction is in a public part of the city.

Key characteristics of the attraction in Zadar:

1. The largest Roman Forum on the eastern side of the Adriatic, founded by the first Roman Emperor Augustus, to which two stone inscriptions about its completion dating from the 3rd century testify.

2. The best preserved Roman forum in Croatia

3. Located in the city center

4. Surrounded by numerous historical monuments

5. Active public space in the historical center of Zadar - intensive use of space, outdoor exhibition space for various events (concerts, film festival, other special events)

6. Very attractive archaeological park with the fragments of the Roman Forum

Supporting tourist fascinations in Zadar:

1. St Donat's Church (9th c.)

2. The Permanent Exhibition of Religious Art – The Gold and Silver of Zadar in the complex of the St Mary's Church and Benedictine monastery (11th c.)

3. The Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar

4. St Anastasia's Cathedral (13th c.) with the bell tower

5. Archaeological Museum Zadar (founded in 1832)

Infrastructure in Nin:

Separate parking for cars and busses, souvenir shop, restaurant, public toilets. Interpretative center, billboards, signs, printed guides, printed brochures, video, electronic guides, theatrical performances, roles plays, concerts.

Key characteristics of the attraction in Nin:

1. The remains of the biggest Roman temple on the Adriatic sea from the 1st century

2. The remains of the Roman house with mosaic from the 2nd century

3. The Museum of Nin Antiquities - which shows the period of the Roman era (head of the emperor Nerva from the 1st century, one stone torso of a statue of the emperor, in Nin 8 stone statues of emperors were found and they are kept in other museums, etc.)

4. The remains of the Roman stone in Salt pans

5. The remains of the Roman buildings (1st - 6th century) in the surroundings of the Church of the Holly Cross

6. The urbanistic plan of the old city core from Roman times

7. The remains of the south Roman town gate from the 1st century

8. The roman stone with the name of the Roman citizen as a document of the construction of the Upper city bridge, 1st century.

Supporting tourist fascinations in Nin:

1. The Romanic coronation church of St. Nicholas from 11th /12th century

2. The statue of Prince Branimir

3. The ancient Croatian ship from the 11th century Condura Croatia

4. Treasure of the parish church of St. Anselm preserve valuable articles of silver and gold

5. The statue of Bishop Gregory of Nin which by the belief of its visitors „makes“ wishes come true by touching his thumb

6. Church of Holly Cross called the smallest cathedral in the world from the 9th century

7. Memorial park dedicated to the poet Petar Zoranić Ninjanin

8. Museum of salt

9. The Church of St. Ambrose from the 13th century

10. The Church of St. Anselm from the 6th - 18th century

11. The Statue of Our Lady of Zečevo from the 13th century

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