Roman Tomb

The Roman Tomb of Durostom-Silistra is one of the most discussed monuments of the late Roman era in Bulgaria and in the Balkans....

City: Ruse

Country: Bulgaria


Northeast Bulgaria, on the right bank of the Danube; 119 kilometres from Ruse, 141 kilometres from Varna, 431 kilometres from Sofia; GPS N 44°11`47” E 27°26`71”


District Administration of Silistra - ul. Patriarh Evtimiy 54, 7500 Silistra, Bulgaria, tel. +359 86 818858, fax: +359 86 818851, ,

Tourist Information Centre, ul. N. Y. Vaptsarov 55, 7500 Silistra, Bulgaria, tel/fax: +359 86 820487,

National Tourism Information Centre, ul. Sveta Nedelya 1, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, tel. +359 2 9335811, 9335821

Regional Historical Museum - ul. G. S. Rakovski 24, 7500 Silistra, Bulgaria, tel. +359 86 820386

Hours: May–Sep Tue–Sat: 9.30–17.00, Sun & Mon: closed; Oct–Apr Mon–Fri: 9.30–17.00, Sat & Sun: closed

It is open specially during the summer, because of the danger of damage to the frescoes and it can be visited with the permission of the Regional Archaeological Museum of Silistra. The entrance fee is paid through ticket price is 5€.

Key characteristics of the attraction:

1. The architectural style of the tomb is the most common in the Roman Empire, rectangular burial chamber and a semi-cylindrical vaulting.

2. The entire interior of the tomb is covered with murals - panels of frescoes on the walls, beams, two lunettes and vault.

3. The panels on the walls are somewhat of a procession of servants and maids who carry toilet articles and elements of the costume and head to the central married couple.

4. On the eastern lunette are represented pigeons on the flower garden, and on the west - two peacocks drinking living water from kantharos, connect with brilliance and opulence and the goddess Junona- the patroness of the marriage and the family.

5. On the vault are represented plants and animals, as well as four hunting scenes, which are connected with the life of his master at a young age and his birthplace.

Supporting tourist fascinations:

1. Patriarchal Basilica and complex

2. Art Gallery Silistra

How to get there:

  • Plane

The nearest airports are positioned 100 up to 150 km away from the sites

  • Bus
  • Car

International highways are: E79 through city of Vidin, E70 and E85 passing through city of Ruse; Hemus/ A2 и Е83; from Sofia to Pleven and Rousse highway Hemus/ A2 и Е83.

  • Train

Further information concerning the Bulgarian State Railway is available at the following internet address:

  • Boat

Bulgaria’s ports are the following:




  • Bicycle

Eurovelo 6 route, (part of the Eurovelo network established by the European Biking Federation) follows the Loire and Rheine rivers, and continues to the mouth of the Danube.

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