The best know spa in Slovakia is famous for it's extraordinary mud and thermal water - unique in the world. Piestany mud is mentioned as early as the 16th century. Many important people visited and took treatments in Piestany, including Beethoven....

City: Bratislava

Country: Slovakia

The spa is located on the beautiful Spa Island in a large park where many concerts and cultural events take place during the whole year.

We can offer you a wide choice of additional activities and programs:
- Wine tasting in Radošina - the wine from Radošina – Radošinsky klevner was served during the coronation ceremony of Her Majesty Elizabeth II
- Goose party – very traditional mainly in the western part of Slovakia
- Folk traditions and folklore - Slovak wedding and other more...
- Guided walks in the woods to the near-by castle ruins
- Visit of the city of Trencin, including the famous Trencin castle.

The spa stay can be combined with a stay in the capital Bratislava.



Price from € 38/night/dbl, min stay 2 nights
accommodation with HB, doctor`s consultation, 3 treatments (thermal bath/mirror pool, partial mood pack, partial classical massage)

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