Baranja is mostly lowland, cross-crossed with a number of channels, small rivers, dense forests and fields. It is bordered by the Danube and Drava river, as well as Hungarian territory. ...

City: Croatia in general

Country: Croatia


Located near Osijek in the north-east Croatia; GPS N 45°33`35” E 18° 1`13.46”


Tourist Board of Baranja, Imre Nagya 2, 31300 Beli Manastir, tel: 00385/31/702080;

Wine cellars/vineyards:

Wine cellar (Podrum) Mihalj Gerštmajer, 31 Petöfi Sandora, 31307 Zmajevac, Baranja, Tel. 385 31 735276,

Wine cellar/restaurant Josić, 194 Planina, 31307 Zmajevac, Baranja, Tel. +385 31 734410,

Čokot-čarda Winery, Vl. Vinko Medić, Planine 168, 31307 Zmajevac, Baranja, Tel. +385 31 570215,

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