D'Accord Biocamp

A friendly cosy place where you will find camping facilities, accommodation in rooms, a place where to taste traditional local food, as well as guiding to visit the local objectives in Corabia town....

City: Olt County

Country: Romania

,,D’ACCORD’’ BIOCAMP is under the administration of the Association for non-formal Educations ,,D’ACCORD’’ and it is the ‘fairy-tale’ land where dreams start to fly, friendships bond naturally and become strong, using the most interesting and inovative non-formal methods.

Do you like nature and its benefits coming from BIO diet ?

Come and meet us and even make of working in the orchard, the garden with flowers or vegetables, individually or alongside our ,,D’Accord’’ volunteers !

Do you like to pick your own vegetables, fruit (plums and summer or autumn apples, sour cherries, quinces, peaches, cherries, figs, apricots, wallnuts) that you want eat ?

What about blackberries, red currants, nuts, raspberries? Or maybe you are in love with the colourful scenery of the garden flowers : all sorts and colours of roses, Japanese roses, magnolia, geranium, carnations, peony, chrysanthemum, snowdrops, spring crocus, tulips, gladiole, ferns, ivy, lily, cactus,daisies ?

If you like all these, ,,D’ACCORD’’BIOCAMP is the ideal place !

Do you want to camp safely? To sleep surrounded by the smell of flowers ? Or maybe you would like to accomodate in a ‘room’ ?

,,D’ACCORD’’BIOCAMP can provide :

a) camping place for 2-3 tents – 2 EUR / person ;

b) 2 rooms for accomodation, maximum 5 places – 10 EUR/person ;

- a traditional room : 2 beds, with the possibility to add another bed, library, wardrobe, bathroom , balcony ;

- atemporal room : double bed, minilibrary, double wardrobe, clothes chest, bathroom, balcony.

Do you want a healthy, bio meal during your stay, with traditional, home-made food ? On the house : natural drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from Oltenia.

We provide:

Breakfast : herbal tea, coffee, cereals, white/brown/graham bread, 2 sorts of fruit jam of our own production, honey, butter, cow cheese, milk, yoghurt – 4 EUR/person; on the house : season fruit from our own orchard;

Lunch : main course, blackberry/cherry home-made drink, wine,mineral water, home-made cake/pancakes and jam – 8 EUR/person ;

Dinner : main course, season salad, home-made drink made of apricots, ice-cream/ home-made cake, zaibar (wine), water – 9 EUR/person ; on the house : season fruit from our own orchard ;

You can serve meals on the terrace or in the biocamp dining room : 12 seats available.

Do you want to relax, listening to outlaws stories, surrounded by nature, lit by torches ? Or , maybe, you would like to wander, visit turistic objectives you can only dream of, on foot or by bike ?

So, Come to ,,D’ACCORD’’BIOCAMP !

Do you want to get correct information about these places ? ,,D’ACCORD’’BIOCAMP has its own guide who speaks Romanian, English and French.

Contact and information:

Mobile phone no: +407 225 46 967
Tel. no: +40 249 56 08 23

IMPORTANT ! If you camp at ,,D’ACCORD’’BIOCAMP, you will contribute to the development of the Association for non-formal Educations ,,D’ACCORD’’, an NGO which is involved in the non-formal education of children

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