Whether you’re hiking, cycling, driving, travelling by boat or train, or combining the lot, the cross-border journey along the Roman Danube Frontier (Limes) will reveal the outstanding natural beauty of the river and its hidden historic and archeological treasures, many of which are still not familiar to western and northern European travelers. The discovery of many of the archeological sites is the result of recent excavation and have been presented to the public only during the past two decades. Lovers of antiquity will be amazed by the abundance of architectural and artistic treasures on display which document the presence of ancient Rome and her emperors in this part of Europe.

The best way to explore the long buried remains of Roman art and architecture set in the outstanding natural beauty of the Danube Corridor is to go slowly. Take your time to marvel at the breathtaking mountains, green valleys and vineyards spread across the rolling hills. Viticulture here is over two thousand years old. Later in the nineteenth century the wines produced here were among the best in Europe. The Danube vineyards are now enjoying a renaissance and will keep beckoning you to come and taste wines along with local cuisine. Wine tasting is offered in meticulously restored and modernized wineries, many of them boasting hundreds of years of grape growing tradition. Local and regional food and wine will convince even the most skeptical gourmets and wine enthusiasts!Today, many internationally recognized grape varieties compete with the traditional stock, which are still proudly cultivated as unique symbols of regional identity. Red, white, or rosé ‒ a wide range of wine types and a growing list of international awards demonstrate the ever increasing accomplishments of winemakers along the Cultural Routes. Definitely try the big name brands, but don’t neglect the small family-run wine cellars – they are an experience in themselves!

Time is the key ingredient of a successful holiday along these routes. International, national, regional and local tour operators will happily accommodate you, whether you prefer organized group travel or an individual, tailor-made experience. They will ensure that you have all the amenities you need. Top notch food and modern accommodations, new roads and bridges across the Danube and friendly border control officers – all guarantee smooth travel. Archaeological museums in beautiful towns which showcase a variety of architectural styles and nature preserves are always worth a stop. If you are still not convinced, consider the unbeatable warmth and hospitality of the locals living along the routes.

So, pack up, come and enjoy our tours and take home unforgettable memories.

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