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The main highlights of this trip are roman heritage sites and wine tasting in the Bulgarian Danube Region...

City: Bulgaria in general

Country: Bulgaria

Bulgarian Danube Route - Rual Travel

Bulgaria – Danube Route
Route: Sofia, Belogradchik, Vidin, Ruse, Silistra, Veliko Tarnovo
8 days / 7 nights

Transport: coach
Price: 492 EUR

The program includes 7 nights FB basis – 2 nights in Sofia, 1 night in Belogradchik, 1 night in Vidin, 2 nights in Ruse, 1 night in Silistra, 1 night in Veliko Tarnovo.

DAY 1: Arrival at Sofia airport. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay in Sofia.

DAY 2: Breakfast. Departure for Belogradchik via the extremely delightful road that follows the curves of the river Iskar. On the way – stopover in Cherepishki monastery “Assumption”. The monastery was founded at the end of XIV century and is nestled at the foot of a vertical wall above the river. Here tourists can admire some frescoes and icons from XVI, XVIII and XIX centuries. The monastery will strike the visitor not only with its proportions but also with its beauty and unique atmosphere discribed by many authors in their works. Continuing our road to Belogradchik. Arrival. Lunch. Visit of the Rocks of Belogradchik. They are unique rock formations, located in the west part of the Pre-Balkan area covering 30-km long and 15 km wide spot from the Balkan Mountains. More than 200 million years that enchanting natural phenomenon has been sculpted by the rain water and winds, which transformed the shapeless stone into sculptures that look like mythical creatures, human silhouettes, animals and birds. These 200 m high rock columns form a natural fortress, which defensive potential was exploited since the ancient times. The fortifications were first built and then further extended in three time periods: The Roman period, The Middle Ages and the Ottoman period. The Rocks of Belogradchik are known for their nomination in the project named the New Seven Wonders of the World and are included in the indicative list of UNESCO in 1984. Visit to the fortress of Belogradchik. Accommodation in a hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 3: Breakfast. Departure for Magurata cave. Visit of the cave which is one of the biggest in Bulgaria and is known for its unique prehistoric wall paintings. Wine tasting in the wine cellar situated in one of the cave’s galleries. Local climate and other conditions are very similar to these in Champagne region in France. That is why the cellar produces the best natural sparkling wine in Bulgaria. Tourists will have the chance to familiarize with the methods of wine making in unique surroundings. Visit of the lake Rabisha – the biggest inner lake in Bulgaria situated just next to the cave. Lunch. Continuing our way to Vidin. Visit of the Roman fortress Castra Martis in Kula – Castra Martis is a late Roman fortress, whose remnants are located in the centre of the town of Kula. It was built at the end of the III and the beginning of the IV century as part of the defence facilities of the Danube border with the Roman Empire. Lunch. Continuing to Vidin. Guided tour of Vidin – Baba Vida fortress, perfectly preserved fortress from the Middle Ages which was built on the foundations of an ancient roman fortress part of the Danube defenses of the Roman Empire, St. Dimitar Cathedral, exarch Antim I mausoleum, the Old Post office. Dinner and overnight stay in Vidin.

DAY 4: Breakfast. Departure for Ruse, the fifth biggest city in Bulgaria and the biggest Bulgarian port-city on the Danube River. On the way – sightseeing tour of Pleven. A visit of Pleven’s Panorama, the only such monument on the Balkan Peninsula, built in honor of the 100th anniversary of Bulgaria’s Liberation from the Ottoman Empire. The battles near Pleven during the Russo-Turkish Liberation war (1877-1878) that brought the end of the 500 year Turkish enslavement were vital for the outcome of the war. The five-month-long siege by the liberation troops ended when the city was finally taken after three epic attacks. The Pleven Panorama is built on a hill near Skobelev Park, where during the Third Assault on Pleven one of the war’s most bloody battles took place. In the Panorama are recreated events from the Russo-Turkish war and the epic battles for Pleven. The perfect combination of historical facts and their artistically-emotional recreation on the Panorama canvas leaves an unforgettable impression. Lunch. Visit of the Wine Museum in Pleven. The only wine museum in a cave on the Balkan Peninsula. The museum offers the biggest in Bulgaria exposition of old wines (over 7000 bottles of Bulgarian wines some of which are more than a century old). Wine tasting of Bulgarian wines. Continuing our way to Ruse. Arrival in Ruse. Accommodation in the hotel. Dinner. Overnight stay in Ruse.

DAY 5: Breakfast. Visit of the city center of Ruse with its buildings from the end of 19th century. Ruse is a city with an ancient history, which date back to 5000 B.C. During the I century, the Romans build a fortress here as a military outpost and gave the name of the city – “Sexaginta Prista”, meaning “Port of sixty ships”. Ruse is also known as the “Little Vienna”, because of the architecture of its monuments in baroque, rococo, secession and neoclassicism styles. In the center of Ruse one can find the most beautiful city houses in Bulgaria, built after the Liberation (1878). Visit of the Historical Museum of Ruse. Lunch and wine tasting. Visit of Ivanovo rock-hewn churches, included in UNESCO’s list of World Cultural Heritage. Diner. Overnight stay in Ruse.

DAY 6: Breakfast. Departure for Silistra - one of the most ancient Bulgarian towns, with approximately 2000 years of history. It emerged as a Roman fortress Durostorum at the place of a Thracian settlement that existed here earlier. For many centuries this fortress was the cornerstone of the roman defenses against the Barbarians that were coming from the north and an administrative centre of Moesia Province. On the way – visit of the Srebarna Natural Reserve - one of the unique natural and environmental sites in Bulgaria. The reserve includes Srebarna lake and its surroundings on an area of more than 600 hectares. Since 1965 it is included in one of the most significant wetlands in Europe and since 1983 it is included in the list of UNESCO of world cultural and natural heritage. These distinctions are the result of its very rich ornithofauna and the habitation of the endangered bird species on a global scale. One of the attractions of the region is located here – the special museum with taxidermed animals from the reserve. Lunch in a typical Bulgarian restaurant with a folklore program in Kalipetrovo. Visit of the Roman Tomb of Silistra from the end of the IV century A.D. - the most famous antique monument in the region of Silistra. It is considered the most beautiful and valuable monument of the late Antiquity era in our Country from architectural and artistic point of view. Arrival in Silistra. Diner. Overnight stay in Silistra.

DAY 7: Breakfast. Departure for Veliko Tarnovo. On the way – visit of the wine cellar in Lyaskovets. Lunch and wine tasting of some of the most famous products of the brand – natural sparkling wines, sparkling wines infused with herbs, dessert wines, wormwood wine, dry white and red wines from different vintages, collectors editions and some of the best Bulgarian grape brandies. Continuing our road to Veliko Tarnovo – capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire (1187-1396). Sightseeing tour of the city – Tsarevets hill, Samovodska Charshia, The Holy Forty Martyrs Church. Possibility to visit the Wax Figures Museum in Veliko Tarnovo where you can see the wax figures of the Bulgarian Tzars. Dinner and overnight stay in Veliko Tarnovo.

DAY 8: Breakfast. Departure for Sofia. Arrival in Sofia. Lunch. Guided tour of the city centre and visit of the archeological museum. Accommodation in the hotel. Dinner in a typical Bulgarian restaurant with a folklore program. Overnight stay in Sofia.

DAY 9: Breakfast. Transfer to the airport.

Price includes:

• 7 nights (2 nights in Sofia, 1 night in Belogradchik, 1 night in Vidin, 2 nights in Ruse, 1 night in Silistra, 1 night in Veliko Tarnovo) in 3 or 4 star hotels,

• 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners including dinner in typical Bulgarian restaurant with a folklore program in Sofia and Kalipetrovo;

• Wine tasting in Lyaskovets, Magura cave, The Museum of Wine in Pleven, Ruse;

• Sightseeing tours as per the program;

• All entrance fees for museums, listed in the program (Pleven’s Panorama, Wine Museum in Pleven, the Historical Museum of Ruse, museum with taxidermed animals in Srebarna reserve, Tsarevets hill in Veliko Tarnovo, archeological museum in Sofia);

• All transfers and transport in a luxurious coach (air-conditioning, video, mini-bar);

• English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Russian speaking guide throughout the entire trip.

Price per pax: 492 EUR
Single supplement: 98 EUR

The price is valid for a minimum of 40 pax

On request RUAL TRAVEL can provide tickets for performances of the National Opera Theatre in Sofia.

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