Discover the hills, where the Danube bends

On the tour you will discover the treasures of Danube Bend, the simplicity of pristine natural environment, the peace of surroundings, the glamorous mood of small villages, feel the secret aura of the ruins of once glorious kingdom, smell the air of historical times, percept the silent beauty ...

City: Budapest

Country: Hungary

Discover the hills, where the Danube bends

On this tour you climb up the most characteristic hills of Börzsöny and Pilis and enjoy the splendid view from peaks Hegyes-tető (482 m), Csóványos (938 m), Prédikálószék (639 m) and Dobogókő (700 m ), you will visit historical places like Esztergom and Visegrád and explore picturesque villages like Nagymaros, Zebegény and lovely town of artists Szentendre, and the natural environment of delightful capital of Hungary, Budapest.

Type: Self-Guided
Participants: Min. 2 participants
Grade: Moderate
Length: 12 nights
Distance: 160 km
Dates: 15th April - 31st of October
Cost: € 1120
Starts: Nagymaros
Ends: Budapest

Route info:
Route 1: Nagymaros – Törökmező - Zebegény – Hegyes-tető - Nagymaros (20km)
Route 2: Nagymaros – Kóspallag – Királyrét (18km)
Route 3: Kiráyrét – Csóványos – Nagyhideghegy – Nagyírtáspuszta (21 km)
Route 4: Visegrád – Upper Castle – Nagyvillám lookout - Salamon tower – Royal Palace (8 km)
Route 5: Visegrád – Sajgóvölgy -Kisbükktető – Urak asztala (Table of Lords) – Királyút King's Road – Visegrád (18 km)
Route 6: Visegrád – Prédikálószék (Preacher-chair)– Rám precipe – Dobogókő (23 km)
Route 7: Dobogókő – Pilistető - Pilisszentkereszt – Dobogókő (18 km)
Route 8: Dobogókő -Esztergom (20 km)
Route 9 : Pleasure boat cruise on the Danube from Esztergom to Budapest.
Route 10: Discover Szentendre the village of arts and artists, and visit skanzen.
Route 11: Walking tour in Buda hills: Széchenyi Hill – János Hill (529 m) - Hűvösvölgy – Hármashatárhegy – Pálvölgyi cave (15km)

We are ready to customize the base itinerary according your individual needs.
Type: Self-Guided
Contact: Special Tours

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