Classical Vienna - Budapest cycle tour

Our cycle tour will introduce you not only the capitals Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest along the Danube, but will guide you to many interesting rural places on the road worth to visit, like the Abbey of Pannonhalma, Stud of Bábolna and fortress of Komárom....

City: Budapest

Country: Hungary

Classical Vienna - Budapest cycle tour

9days Classical Vienna - Budapest cycle tour

Our classical cycle tour starts in Vienna, the Austrian capital. You will ride all along the Danube bank, while you cross the Slovakian border and arrive the next capital Bratislava. Leaving the town you follow on the dike of Danube to Szigetköz Island in Hungary. From Győr you leave the River Danube and proceed across the Pannon lowland, Kisalföld to Pannonhalma then Bábolna. The path returns to Danube at Komárom fortress then turns back to Lake Tata at the foot of Gerecse Hills.Crossing the Gerecse Hills will arrive back to Danube at Esztergom and
follow the river from Danube Bend to Hungarian capital.

Day 1: Arrival at Vienna
Day 2: Vienna - Hainburg (54 km)
Day 3: Hainburg - Bratislava - Mosonmagyaróvár (58 km)
Day 4: Mosonmagyaróvár - Győr (44 km)
Day 5: Győr - Pannonhalma - Bábolna (51 km)
Day 6: Bábolna - Komárom - Tata (44 km)
Day 7: Tata - Esztergom (52 km)
Day 8: Esztergom - Visegrád - Szentendre (50 km) or Budapest
Day 9: Budapest - Departure Day

Type:    Self-Guided
Participants:    Min. 2 participants
Grade:    Easy, Intermediate
Length:    8 nights
Distance: 350 km
Dates:    01/04/2013 - 31/10/2013
Cost:    € 685
Starts:    Vienna
Ends:    Budapest

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