Bicycle tour along the Danube in Serbia

In the rural north of the country you will certainly ride your bike with the friendly people while you passing along Danube shore in Serbia. The nature along the Danube in Serbia changes from flat land, forests, fields to largest and most beautiful Gorge Iron Gate on its flow to Black Sea....

City: Sombor

Country: Serbia

Bicycle tour along the Danube in Serbia

Day 1. Belgrade-Bački Monoštor (D)

Arrival at Belgrade airport. Transfer to Bački Monoštor. Accommodation in private houses in Bački Monoštor. You can spend the rest of the day in Bački Monoštor exploring this beautiful village on the entrance to Special Nature Reserve Upper Danube. Visit to the ethno house where you will see craftworks of Šokci, people who live in this village. Dinner in one of the local pubs. Overnight stay.

Day 2. Bački Monoštor-Bezdan Bački Monoštor (approx. 35 km)

After breakfast, you will take your bike and take ride through Upper Danube Special Reserve. From Bački Monoštor to Bezdan you have approximate 9 km. The road is good and you will enjoy in beautiful landscape. In Bezdan you can visit Eko Classroom that is charda, but with a special atmosphere. After 4,4 kilometres away from Bezdan, you will cross the junction Rd4, where you cycle straight ahead toward the riverside. At the end of the fourth kilometer you come to the Danube riverside. The road that turns right will lead you to a pleasant weekend-colony Baracka where you will find a few more chardas and therefore it is an excellent place to relax. But you can turn left if you wish to see the sluice for regulating the stage, which was designed by Gustave Eiffel, at the nearby estuary of the Big Canal into the Danube. You can return to Bezdan using the same road. Approx. 400 m after the junction you pass a turn-off to the nearby Batina Battle museum (on the right side) and after 800m you finally arrive to the Point Rd5 – a junction where you have to turn left to get to Bezdan. From Bezdan, continue to Bački Monoštor. Overnight stay.

Accommodatation in private houses, very simple, clean where you will feel like home.

Day 3. Bački Monoštor-Kupusina-Apatin (approx. 45 km) (B)

This day we will start with tour to Apatin, first city on Danube shore in Serbia who has marine for the ships. From Bački Monoštor to Apatin you will pass through Sombor. The asphalt from here to Sombor is at first of acceptable quality, and then gradually gets excellent. You have 25 km to ride to Sombor. We pass a derelict but still very interesting building on the right side of the road. The city is not far away so we can expect heavier traffic, but within the normal limits. We cycle along the main road toward Apatin – on a section where traffic is heavy. At the exit from the town there is a pedestrian path on the left which we can use if we want a calm ride. Here we pass again the Big Canal. On the exit of Sombor is charda Andric, a place which you should not miss visiting because of its very convenient ambiance and its excellent cuisine (the delicacy: paprikasch, which is prepared with deep respect and strict ritual). Here we leave the main road that leads to Apatin and turn right toward the village of Kupusina. The traffic will be light from now on; the asphalt on the road is of solid and good quality. A nice part of the road lays ahead down which we will ride on a peaceful bank of Kupusinski and Monostorski Dunavac Canals, through lush greenery of the trees and grasslands. Arrival in Apatin in the afternoon hours. Accommodation. Overnihgt stay.

Accommodation will be in charda (restaurant with accommodation). Very nice, clean and hospitable accommodation.

Day 4. Apatin – Karavukovo (approx. 50 km) (B)

After breakfast, you will start your ride to Karavukovo, where you will be accommodated. You will ride along Danube River and pass through Veliki Salaš, you will pass through hunting ground and meadows. Road will be on river embankment that means that road isn’t paved but nature that you will pass is gorgeous. You will have peace and birds will be with you all the time. In the afternoon hours, arrival in Karavukovo. Accommodation in hunting lodge. Overnight stay.

Hunting lodge is right place for accommodation on this day. You will fit into surrounding that you will pass through.

Day 5.Karavukovo – Deronje – Bač – Selenča - Backi Petrovac (approx. 55 km) (B)

In the morning continue your ride to Bački Petrovac. First stop will be Bac (Bač), where we will see the fortress and the Franciscan monastery. Throughout history, Bac (Bač) was Avar fortress, a royal city and seat of the diocese. Continue to Selenča, mostly populated with Slovak nationalities. Short break. In the afternoon hours, arrival in Backi Petrovac. Backi Petrovac is center of Slovak population and we suggeest to visit Slovak house, museum of naive art, Urbanchek gallery. You can also visit newly open Aqua park in Bački Petrovac. Accommodation. Overnight stay.

Option: On your way to Bački Petrovac, turn left and ride 7 km more to Kulpin, and visit Old Castle.

Accommodation in private houses (typical Slovak house).

Day 6. Backi Petrovac-Čelarevo-Gložan-Čerević – Novi Sad (approx. 50 km) (B)

Departure to Čelarevo, after breakfast. Road from Bački Petrovac to Čelarevo is main regional road so you need to be extra careful (approx. 15 km). In Čelarevo, we suggest to visit the Museum of beer (Carlsberg). We will pass through the village Gložan, you will meet Slovak culture. Our road will continue through Begeč. Along Danube to Futog you will ride on river bank, but road is very good here. In the afternoon hours, arrival in Novi Sad from the most beautiful side of Danube River. Accommodation. We suggest to take ride in the evening along Danube River in Novi Sad and through the city. Overnight stay. 

Accommodation in private apartments in the center of the city. From here you will have very good access to all cafes, restaurants and interesting places of Novi Sad.  

Day 7. Novi Sad – Belgrade (approx. 90 km during all day, bicycle ride approx. 50 km) (B)

For this day, you have lots of kilometers to ride. So we suggest to take our minivan and let us to take you to the starting point for this day (Banstol-Čortanovci) – option or to take local bus by your own (line Novi Sad – Belgrade, old road) and get to the starting point. We suggest this option because road from Novi Sad to Banstol is with lot of traffic and the road goes uphill. If you decide that we organize transfer for you, you will pass by Sremski Karlovci, small baroque town on Danube River so we suggest to stop here and have sightseeing tour. Arrival on starting point Čortanovci-Banstol from where you have good road downhill. You will pass through Čortanovci, Beška, Krčedin, Stari Slankamen, Surduk and Belegiš. All those villages are on Danube shore. Roads are local and are in good conditions. In Belegiš, in the center of the village our driver will wait for you (across elementary school where is one small parking), or you can take local bus (local bus station is in the center of the village, across Elementary school) to Zemun. Accommodation in Zemun. In Zemun, from Gardoš, old bohemian part of the city is located bicycle path that you can use to get to Belgrade. Path goes along Danube River. Here you have lot of cafes so you can take a break.  On the end of this path is Brankov most, that you will use it to get to Belgrade. Overnight stay.

Accommodation in private apartments.

Day 8. Belgrade (B)

On this day you can leave our country and get back home or extend your stay and continue your bike tour in Iron Gate National Park. Before you leave Belgrade, you shouldn’t miss to visit Kalemegdan Fortress, take a ride from Kalemegdan to Ada Ciganlija and take a break in Knez Mihajlova street, main pedestrian zone and Skadarlija, bohemian part where you can have lunch with Serbian specialties.

Optional visit in National Park Iron Gate

Day 9. Belgrade – Pančevo – Omoljica – Kovin (approx. 55 km) (B)

From your accommodation you will start your tour to Kovin, but you will ride on left side of Danube River. You will pass through most interesting places in Belgrade: Nikole Pasica square, boulevard Kralja Aleksandra, Vukov Spomenik square, Tasmajdan park and the remarkable Church of St. Marko. When you pass all this parts of the city, finally you will get to Pancevo Bridge (Pancevacki most) over the Danube. Roads on the left riverside of the Danube (across Pancevo) are in much better condition, the terrain is flat and the traffic less heavy. From Pancevo bridge you will continue to Pancevo. You will pass through bridge over Tamis River and enter to Pancevo. Continue to Starčevo. The street that leads through the centre of Starčevo is made of cobblestone. From here you will have road of very good asphalt. Continue to center of Omoljica. The streets in Omoljica are all of cobblestone (a custom in Vojvodina – main streets in villages are not covered with asphalt on purpose, so as to make speedy drivers slow down). From Omoljica over Banatski Brestovac we will arrival in Kovin.

Accommodation in Kovilj will be in very simple hotel, but clean and with very hospitable staff.  Overnight stay.

Day 10. Kovin – Bela Crkva – Ram – Srebrno jezero (approx. 60 km) (B)

After breakfast, you will start your bike ride from Kovin to Bela Crkva lakes. Near Bela Crkva, you have complex of 12 lakes and along biggest one you will find good bicycle paths. This place is picnic place of people from this area. You will enjoy in the nature and surrounding of this lakes. If you decide not to go in this part, you will reduce your bike ride for 15 km. After short break, continue to Banatska Palanka (or Stara Palanka) where you will embark on small ferry that will take you to Ram, small village that is famous for its Fortress on Danube River. You will enjoy in great nature and mighty Danube River. You will pass by small water island where you will see lots of birds. Danube is widest on this part of its flow in Serbia. After this ferry ride you will ride your bike approx. 20 km and you will arrival finally on Silver Lake (Srebrno jezero) where you will be accommodated. You will ride along Danube and then on river bank to Silver lake. Overnight stay.

Accommodation in Silver Lake will be in private villas or apartments. You will enjoy in beautiful view on Silver Lake.

Day 11. Silver Lake – Donji Milanovac (approx. 70 km) (B)

On this day you will continue deeper in Iron Gate with stop to Lepenski Vir, neolithic site. Road from Silver Lake to Donji Milanovac is main regional road, with lots of tunnels on the road, so you need to be carefull. Road follow Danube River and you should definatelly stop on Golubac Fortress and take few excellent photos. Continue to Donji Milanovac, center of National park Iron Gate. Accommodation in rural household on the hill above Danube River, from where you will have gorgeous view on this mighty river. For dinner, you should definatelly taste vlash specialties that are unique in this part. Overnight stay.

Day 12. Donji Milanovac-Belgrade (approx. 220 km) (B)

After breakfast, for return transfer to Belgrade you should take local bus. During day you have 5 times bus to Belgrade. Ticket price is approx. 10 EUR in one way.

For people who want to have mini bus along the way or transfer with mini bus from place to place, we suggest to take one of our options
-Mini bus transfer from Donji Milanovac: 250 eur per vehicle

Price of 249 EUR per person includes:

- Accommodation in 2 or 3* private pensions, hostels or apartments (1/2 room)

- Breakfast

- Luggage transport from accommodation to accommodation

Price does not include:

- Flight to/from Belgrade

- Meals and drinks

- Bike rental: € 75

 -Extra night in Belgrade: from 15 eur per person (bed and breakfast)

Optional stay: 4 days/3 nights in Iron Gate, price per person: 120 eur

Price include: Luggage transfer from accommodation to accommodation and accommodation in private pansions

 Price doensn’t include: Transfer from Donji Milanovac to Belgrade (we recommend local bus)

For one who wants to feel safe, not to worry about transfer to accommodation, we can provide transfer with our mini vans by following prices:

-Mini bus drive for day 7: 150 eur per vehicle during all day

-Mini bus transfer from Belgrade to Bački Monoštor (day 1.): 250 eur per vehicle

-Local transfer by buses (day 1.): From airport to Belgrade bus or train station you can take Mini bus line 1 or Public bus number 72.

Price for bus ticket is 250 RSD or 2.5 EUR (for mini bus line 1) and 95 RSD or 1 EUR for public bus 72.


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