On this tour we will present you Belgrade myths and legends. We will walk underground even when we are on the surface. ...

City: Belgrade

Country: Serbia


Underground Belgrade contains tens of caves and caverns, which people carved in limestone rocks, hundreds of underground tunnels built up in last 300 years by the Austrians, Serbs and Germans, countless buried wells, walled rivers, but, above all, structures that are remains of peoples who settled Belgrade.

The tour contains visit to 5 locations. We will start with visit to Roman hall in which are preserved bases of the main gate of roman fortress. We are going forward to Army bunker from period of the Informbiro (Second World War). Next you will see the Big gunpowder warehouse. Here you will have opportunity to touch the walls that served as the last defense from the Turks occupation, which where built by Austrians for the purpose of preserving the most valuable goods. Today it is roman lapidarium with sarcophagus, tombstones and sacrificial altars from Serbian territory. We will pass through tunnel from Kosancicev Venac, through artificial cave (used as a bunker) until Karadjordje Street. The fifth stop is wine dungeon in which we will pass through the time of liberation from Turks occupation and there will be organized wine-bohemian cocktail.

PRICE: 14 EUR per person

Price includes:
- entrance tickets to all locations
- wine degustation
- English speaking licensed guide

Place of departure: Gracanicka 11
Time of departure: Wednesdays at 17: 30; Saturdays at 14:30 and Sundays at 11:00


Magelan Corporation

Zmaj Jovina 23

21000 Novi Sad


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