Bechet weaving workshop

An amazing workshop where you can see how the rugs and the handicraft items are manufactured. The workshop is placed in Bechet, Dolj at 14, Brancoveanu Street, behind the town hall of the city. Please contact the hosts before arriving...

City: Dolj County

Country: Romania

An amazing workshop where you can see how the rugs and the handicraft items are manufactured.


1.What is ARTALASAT stand for ?

ARTALASAT is a brand name of traditional weavings and handicraft objects from the region of South Oltenia, Romania.

2.Who makes the ARTALASAT objects ?

The ARTALASAT objects are made by a team of ladies gifted with special talent, imagination and skills, creators of traditional folk art. Most of them have 35 to 40 years of experience in the field.

3.Where the ARTALASAT objects are manufactured ?

Our creations are made in a workshop in Bechet-Dolj, Romania. The workshop is own by Antoneta Nadu, the initiator and the coordinator of it.

4.Is the workshop open for visits?

You are welcome to visit our workshop, there you can see how the rugs and the handicraft items are manufactured.

5.How do you get your inspiration for the models presented ?

We own a large number of recognized models being acquired by us from the South of Oltenia, models that we copy. A part of these models have been certified by The Village Museum in Bucharest and The Oltenia Museum in Craiova. We also wave models that exclusively belong to the creative spirit and imagination of our team creators.

6.Where can one see and buy the ARTALASAT weavings and the handicraft objects?

One can see and buy them in our workshop and in the shops of The Village Museum, The Museum of the Romanian Peasant.

7.Do you participate to the artcraft fairs in Romania ?

We get to most artcraft fairs and exhibitions in Romania. And that is not all, we are present to such events in the European countries when invited.

8.How the rugs and carpets are manufactured ?

Our weavings are 100% made of wool and cotton. Most operations are handmade and follow the traditional techniques, which we have inherited in the family. Our looms are the traditional ones, wood made, some to employ for the horizontal technique, others for the vertical technique. The dyeing is made by us using some plants from the neighbourhood flora.

9.How long does it take to finish a rug ?

A rug is ready in almost three weeks. A carpet requires four to ten days. If the model is a complex one, we need more time to finish it.

10.Which is the best way to maintain the weavings ?

The best friends for our weavings are: the light and the air. The rugs and the carpets can be washed out in cold water and special detergent. A good rinse is required afterwards. Do not use washing machines. A well maintain rug can last for more than 100 years.


The workshop is placed in at 14, , behind the town hall of the city. Please contact the hosts before arriving.

Adress: Brancoveanu Street 14
Bechet, Dolj
Phone: +40 745 319 902

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