Sexaginta Prista (Russe)

Russe, located in the central Bulgaria, on the terraces above the Danube, is the largest Danube port in the country. ...

City: Ruse

Country: Bulgaria

Location: On the Danube, 300 kilometres from Sofia, 200 kilometres from the Black Sea, roads: E 79, E 70, E 85 and A 2/E 83 connect it to Sofia and Pleven; GPS N 43°50`77” E 25°57`14.91”


Tourist Information Centre - ul. Aleksandrovska 61, 7000 Ruse, Bulgaria, tel/fax +359 82 824704,

Roman Fortress Sexaginta Prista - ul. Tsár Kalolan 2, 7000 Ruse, Bulgaria, tel. +359 82 825004

Hours: Tue–Sat: 9.00–12.00 (noon), 12.30–17.30; Sun & Mon: closed

During the winter all visits need to be announced. The entrance fee is paid through ticket price: adults 1€, children 0.5€.

Regional History Museum - ul. Alexander Battenberg 3 (Battenberg Square), 7000 Ruse, Bulgaria, tel. +359 82 825006

Hours: 9.00–18.00 (daily)


Parking, Souvenir shops, public toilets. Printed guides, printed brochures, video, theatrical performances, role plays.

The site is accessible to people with disabilities.

Key characteristics of the attraction:

1. Proncipia

2. Temple of Apollo

3. Fortress wall

4. Military premises

Supporting tourist fascinations:

Attractive museum in the city center.

How to get there:

  • Plane

The nearest airports are positioned 100 up to 150 km away from the sites

  • Bus
  • Car

International highways are: E79 through city of Vidin, E70 and E85 passing through city of Ruse; Hemus/ A2 и Е83; from Sofia to Pleven and Rousse highway Hemus/ A2 и Е83.

  • Train

Further information concerning the Bulgarian State Railway is available at the following internet address:

  • Boat

Bulgaria’s ports are the following:




  • Bicycle

Eurovelo 6 route (part of the Eurovelo network established by the European Biking Federation) follows the Loire and Rheine rivers, and continues to the mouth of the Danube.

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