Grein – Sarmingstein Stage

Stillensteinklamm Gorge - Struden - St. Nikola - Sarmingstein...

City: Linz

Country: Austria

Grein – Sarmingstein Stage

We start at the hiking information point in Grein and head eastwards along the Danube. We turn into Jubiläumsstraße road and can enjoy a view of Grein and the Danube at a chapel. We follow the road and turn into Wienerweg. The path leads uphill through the forest. We get to a farm and continue through the forest.

The trail snakes its way along the Danube Hill until we get to Werfensteinblick vantage point. From there it leads downwards to Giessenbach Mill, to the entrance of Stillensteinklamm Gorge.
After the approximately one-hour hike to there we can enjoy a short break at Gießenbachmühle Snack Station and indulge in regional culinary delights.
We continue towards Stillensteinklamm Gorge. After the first few steps first granite boulders announce the entrance of the gorge. Small waterfalls and cascades are a treat for the hikers’ eyes.
Suddenly it is quiet. A gigantic, overhanging rock forms a roof above the “Steinerne Stube”, under which the brook hides deep under the rock boulders.
Now we continue on Jägersteig path to the hamlet of Achleiten. The trail leads past a farm and after a brief section along an asphalt-covered carriage way it leads into a forestry trail that leads to “Dichterstein” vantage point. We continue through the forest to get to the next vantage point called "Donaublick".

After a break the trail leads downhill to the hamlet of Struden. On the following asphalt-covered section one enjoys a fantastic view of a Danube section of the Strudengau district that was dreaded by boats once
Before we hike to "Kirchenplatz" vantage and resting place, a lunch or snack stop can be enjoyed at Hotel Post (depending on the time of the day).

We leave St. Nikola on a carriage route above the cemetery and soon turn into the forest. We follow the winding road uphill through the forest and enjoy a brief break at the “Schwarze Wand” resting and vantage point. We continue through the forest, past impressive rock formations, and cross a large meadow. From the hilltop of the meadow we see Moststation Kleinleitner wine tavern. It is recommended to enjoy a glass of fruit wine and the fantastic view of the eastern Danube Valley.

From there we hike along a forestry trail, then across a meadow and finally steeply downhill through the forest towards the Danube. We follow the rail route to get to the “round tower” in Sarmingstein.

After a few more minutes we get to the stage destination in Sarmingstein. Gasthof Strudengau invites to celebrate the conquered stage on its Danube terrace.

Difficulty: difficult
Distance: 16,2 km
876 m
853 m
6:30 h
Lowest point:
231 m
Highest point:
515 m

Starting point of the tour

Hiking equipment, drinking bottle

Getting there
By car:
Coming from Vienna: A1 Autobahn – “Ybbs” exit - B3
Coming from Linz: A1 Autobahn – “Enns” exit - B3
or “Amstetten” exit – federal road 119

By train: Donauuferbahn train – Grein train station
Westbahn - Amstetten train station and by bus to Grein,

By plane: Blue Danube Airport Linz/Hörsching
Vienna/Schwechat Airport

By boat:
Donauschiffahrt Wurm+Kö
Arrival time: 12:00 p.m. on every Saturday in Grein

Ausflugsschiffahrt MS Kaiserin Elisabeth Excursions
Arrival time: 11:30a.m. on every Friday in Grein

Grein: Esperanto car park (P4), Nekarsteinach car park (P3)

Public transport
Train connection: Grein/town and Grein/Bad Kreuzen Donauuferbahn

Further information/links
Grein/Donau Tourist Board
Stadtplatz 7
4360 Grein
Tel./Fax: 0043(0)7268/7055

St. Nikola Tourist Board
4381 St. Nikola/Donau

Willi´s Mühlenjause, Struden-Giessenbach
Tel.: 0043(0)69913030422

Hotel Post

Gasthof Strudengauhof

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